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Kuliyal Podi/Herbal Bath Powder/Nalangu Maavu/Ayurvedic Herbal Bath Powder-Home Made Kuliyal Podi/How to to make Kuliyal Podi at home

Kuliyal Podi/Herbal Bath Powder is an excellent and healthy alternative for soap. It is very easy to make at home, economical and harmless as it is all natural. The ingredients needed to make this kuliyal podi are easily available in nattu marunthu shop or Ayurveda shop. I love to use natural products, so I make it at home and store in air tight containers. Once you start using this kuliyal podi, you will surely notice the  skin  glowing with even skin tone, soft, smooth and blemish free.  Meanwhile do check out the Health & Beauty Page, Shikkakai /Seeyakkai Powder hereHomemade Herbal Hair Oil.

Here's how to make Kuliyal Podi/Herbal bath powder with step by step photos...


Green Gram/பச்சை பயறு
150 gm
Wild Turmeric/Kasthuri Manjal/கஸ்தூரி மஞ்சள்
150 gm
White Turmeric/பூலாங்கிழங்கு
100 gm
Aavaram Poo/ஆவாரம் பூ
100 gm
Rose/ரோஜா [Dry]
100 gm
Hibiscus Flower/ காய்ந்த செம்பருத்தி பூ
100 gm
Samandhi Flower/ காய்ந்த சாமந்தி பூ
100 gm
Dry Amla/உலர்ந்த நெல்லிக்காய்
100 gm
Orange Peel/காய்ந்த ஆரஞ்சு தோல்
100 gm
Cucumber Seeds/வெள்ளரி விதை
100 gm
Cyperus Rotundus/Korai Kizhangu/கோரை கிழங்கு
100 gm
Thulasi Powder/ துளசி பொடி
25 gm
Neem Leaf Powder/வேப்பஇலை பொடி
25 gm
Adhimadhuram Powder/அதிமதுரம் பொடி
25 gm
Vasambu Powder/வசம்பு பொடி
25 gm
Kaarboga Arisi/கார்போக அரிசி
50 gm
Vetti Ver/வெட்டிவேர்
25 gm
Author: Priya Anandakumar

Note: Exclude the use of Kasthuri Manjal for making it for men and boys.


You can buy all the above mentioned ingredients in Naattu Marundhu Kadai.

I have used thulasi powder, neem leaf powder, adhimadhuram powder, vasambu powder and korai kizhangu powder. But you can very well buy adhimadhuram, vasambu and korai kizhangu as whole and then use it. As far as thulasi and neem leaf are concerned you can get the leaf dry in shade and use them.

Add Green gram, Kasthuri Manjal, Poolankizhangu, Aavaram poo, Rose petal, Sembaruthi, Samandhi, Dried Amla, Orange peel, Cucumber seeds, Kaarboga arisi, Vettiver in a big plate and sundry it really well.

Transfer everything to a bucket and give to a local mill and make it into fine powder.

After you bring it home, add thulasi powder, neem leaf powder, ahimadhuram powder, koraikizhangu powder and mix everything well.

Yes, Kuliyal podi is ready.

Benefits of ingredients used for making Kuliyal Podi/Herbal Bath Powder

Green Gram

Green gram is a natural body cleanser that has been used for ages.  Green fram removes dead skin cells and brightens up the texture of the skin. It is rich in Vitamin A& C which gives a healthy glow to the skin. It deals with the dry skin and helps in retaining the moisture in the skin. It lightens the skin. It removes sun tan and has anti-septic properties as well. The regular use of green gram improves skin texture and gives good complexion. It helps in preventing acne and pimples.

Kasthuri Manjal/Wild Turmeric

Kasthuri Manjal has strong anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties. It whitens and brightens the skin. It is used for the removal of unwanted facial hairs and gives blemish free skin on regular use. It has wonderful aroma which will help in beating the sweat. It is used in the treatment of acne and acne scars. This turmeric does not live yellow tint on the skin.

Poolan Kizhangu/White Turmeric

Poolan Kizhangu helps in healing any damage in the skin. It prevents infections in the skin. Regular use of this White Turmeric along with Kasthuri Manjal acts as an anti septic and a body scrub. It gives a glowing skin and has a nice pleasing fragrance.

AAvaram Poo

Aavaram Poo treats many skin problems like rashes, sunburns, acne etc. It prevents skin infections and black spots, treats uneven skin tone and regular use leaves the skin blemish free. They keep the skin glowing and improve the complexion. Aavaram poo is an excellent coolant and helps to maintain the body temperature.


Rose petals have an amazing effect on our skin, it prevents acne. It helps to maintain the moisture in the skin, leaving the skin soft and glowing. Hence its beneficial for people having dry skin. These petals are rich source of “vitamin C”, which acts an excellent sun block. The cooling properties present in these petals soothe the skin and protects from sun damage.

Hibiscus Flower/Sembaruthi Poo

Hibiscus helps to exfoliate skin, speed up cell turn over and help prevent acne breakout, which encourage fresher, younger and smoother looking skin. It increases moisture and improves flexibility and elasticity and so is called as botox flower. It has many anti-inflammatory substances and loaded with Vitamin c, which inturn prevents from sunburn.

Neem Leaf Powder

Neem Leaf has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps prevents skin acne and is good for various skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Neem leaves have Vitamin E that is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Regular use of neem in skin care gives a natural glow and helps in reducing dryness.

Adhimadhuram Powder

Adhimadhuram is good for skin whitening as this has lot of minerals and acids that help to get rid of dark skin color. It is used to lighten suntan. It minimizes dark spots, marks and black heads. It is an excellent skin moisturizer which keeps the skin smooth and soft. It is rich in antioxidants that help in delaying the aging of skin. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that heal the skin conditions.

Korakizhangu Powder

Koraikizhangu has antibacterial properties and helps to fight infections. It is suitable for all kinds of skin types. It helps to relax our body. It has very good anti inflammatory property helps in healing small wounds and reduces body pain. It helps in removing unwanted hair in our body.

Vasambu Powder

Vasambu is not a medicine but also used for beauty purposes. It helps in preventing skin infections, allergies and rashes. It can be used as facial scrubs and masks.


Amla is loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C help to brighten the skin. It helps to tone and tighten your skin, make it firm and soft. It helps to reduce sings of premature agine, like wrinkles and fine lines. It reduces pigmentation and gives natural glow to our face and body.


Vetiver is an anti-septic and is very effective in preventing acne. It is a natural coolant and keeps our body cool. It helps in preventing black heads and softens the skin. When this root is used in herbal bath powder cleanses the skin and acts as a body scrub.


Orange peel has higher content of Vitamin C than the Orange itself. When used as body scrub helps in maintaining healthy glowing skin. They prevent the skin from sagging and improve firmness. It contains Calcium which helps in renewing worn out dead cells. Orange peels helps in whitening the skin, fights black heads. It is loaded with antioxidants which prevents anti-aging.

Cucumber Seeds

Cucumber Seeds are helpful in treating number of skin problems like sunburn, dry skin, tanning, wrinkles, pimples etc. The anti oxidants present in cucumber helps in revitalizing the skin and add natural glow to it.

Meanwhile do check out the 

How to Use this Herbal Bath Powder

Mix required quantity [1 ½ tsp] of Herbal Bath Powder with little water to make a paste. Use this paste instead of soap.

As Facepack

You can use this powder as face pack. If you have dry skin, add little yogurt/curd to herbal bath powder to make a paste and apply on your face and leave it until it dries or atleast for 15 minutes. Then wash it with water.

If you have normal skin, add little rose water to herbal bath powder to make a paste and apply on your face and leave it until it dries or atleast for 15 minutes. Then wash it with water.

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  1. What is the shelf life of this herbal bath mixture?

    1. It stays good even for a year, but I grind it and store it for 6 months and use it with in that period of time

  2. Hi can it be used for 1yr kid

    1. I would suggest you to use kadalai maavau or paasi paruppu maavu for one year old. This can be used for older children, teens and adults


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