Thursday 5 December 2013

Microwave Paalkova/Paalkova in 10 minutes/Milk Kova/Therattupaal

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to share a very delectable and mouth-watering Paal kova, furthermore can be made in 10 minutes in a microwave. This paalkova recipe really proves anyone and everyone can cook a wonderful dessert in no time. And also friends I am going on vacation to India for about 4 weeks and will be back with great recipes. I will surely be missing my co-bloggers, readers, friends, subscribers and every one of you a lot. So I am wishing each and every one of you a very Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year  in advance with this sweet Paalkova. Please keep visiting and enjoy your holidays as well.

Here’s how to make Paalkova with step by step photos…

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Tomato Chapathi/Thakkali Chapathi[Spicy & Tangy]/Tomato Chapthi Recipe/How to make Tomato Chapathi Recipe with step by step photos...

Today’s recipe is a very healthy, tangy, spicy and flavourful chapathi – Tomato Chapathi. I am always satisfied and happy when I always hide some vegetables in my chapathis and make them healthy especially when it for my kids. So friends let’s move on to the recipe. Meanwhile check out other interesting and healthy Breakfast Recipes here.

Here’s how to make Tomato Chapathi with step by step photos…

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Carrot Beans Poriyal Recipe/Carrot Beans Stir Fry [With Coconut] Recipe/கேரட் பீன்ஸ் பொரியல்/Carrot Beans Poriyal with step by step photos & Video in English & Tamil

Carrot Beans Poriyal is a very common, simple, quick, healthy and delectable side dish prepared in all the South Indian homes. The final touch of coconut to this stir fry adds an extraordinary taste. Carrot beans poriyal is an excellent accompaniment with any South Indian meals, starting from sambar rice to curd rice, not just rice, roll them in rotis and enjoy it for lunch or dinner. Though I make this very often at home, I never thought of clicking any pics and posting it here. Any way friends thought it might be useful for some beginners and bachelors. Do check out other interesting and healthy Vegetarian Stirfries/Poriyals/Varuvals here.

Here’s how to make Carrot Beans Poriyal with step by step photos…

Sabzi Jaipuri/Jaipuri Sabji/Jaipuri Vegetables - Rajasthani Special

As I mentioned earlier about the IFC challenge and making some of the delightful Rajasthani dishes. Earlier I had posted the moong dal vadai, missi roti and now it is the Jaipuri Sabji. It is a very healthy sabji, creamy in texture and masala is infused into each and every piece of the vegetable. Now let’s move on to see the colourful, rich and creamy Jaipuri Sabji.

Here’s how to make Jaipuri Sabji/Sabzi with step by step photos…

Monday 2 December 2013

Missi Roti – Rajasthani Bread

This Missi Roti, I made it as a part of IFC challenge. Missi Roti is a Rajasthani bread which has perfect blend of spices, very flavorful and aromatic. The main ingredient behind the rich flavors and the exotic aroma of Rajasthani food is the use of ghee (traditional Indian clarified butter) in making almost all the dishes. Once again thanks a lot Mrs. Manjula for the wonderful challenge. Now let’s move on to the recipe.

Here’s how to make Missi Roti with step by step photos….

Moong Dal Vadai - Rajasthani Cuisine/Moong Dal Vadai Recipe/Paasi Paruppu Vadai Recipe/How to make Moong Dal Vadai with step by step photos

For this month’s IFC challenge we are exploring Rajasthani cuisine chosen by Mrs.Manjula of Desi Fiesta. Thanks a lot Shobana, Saraswathi and Manjula for all the wonderful challenges.

Rajasthani cuisine or Marwari recipes is a splendid array of unique, rich, colourful, spicy curries and mouth-watering delectable sweets. This style of cooking, is not only the mirror of wealth and prosperity, but also reflects the traditional warrior lifestyles [the Rajputs] and the availability of ingredients in this water starved region. Food that last for several days was given more preference. Due to the scarcity of water, the cuisine involves use of milk, yogurt or buttermilk to wet the gravies. Instead of greens, they use different types of local berries. The use of lentils and legumes, mainly Jowar, Bajra and Gram flour in their food keeps the nutritional value very high. Once cooked, these most of the traditional Rajasthani vegetables can be eaten over days and don’t need refrigeration for weather condition over there keep the food good. For this month’s challenge Mrs. Manjula Bharat chose a royal festive spread of Rajasthani recipes and I chose to do few Moong dal Vadai, Missi Roti, Jaipuri Sabji for the challenge. Do check out other Vadai Varieties here.

Here’s how to make Moong Dal Vadai with step by step photos…

Sunday 1 December 2013

Cooking With Seeds - Round up

Hello Friends,

Thank you very much to all my lovely friends for participating in this lovely event and making it more fun.

I have mentioned every one’s recipes, in case I missed anyone’s name and recipe, please let me know and excuse me for the same.

Before the going to the round up I would like to thank Mrs. Priya of Priyaseasyntasty for giving me this wonderful opportunity to host her event.

Saturday 30 November 2013

Carrot Milkshake Recipe -Healthy Milkshake Recipe for Kids & Adults

Today in Priyas Virundhu it is a simple and healthy milkshake. Do you want to start your day healthy and are you looking for quick breakfast, all you need is just a cup of milk and a carrot blended with sugar. Addition of sugar to the milkshake is optional, you can very well replace it with honey. Meanwhile do check out other interesting, tempting, refreshing and lip smacking Smoothies/Ice-creams/Milkshakes/Juices here.

Here’s how to make  Carrot Milkshake…

Methi Paratha/Fenugreek Leaves Paratha/Vendhaya Keerai Paratha/Methi Paratha Recipe/How to make Methi Paratha with step by step photos

Methi Paratha is a healthy, filling and delicious paratha very commonly made in North India. Methi leaves have a strong aroma and slight bitter taste. Methi seeds and leaves are very commonly used in South Indian cooking, in day to day gravies and have numerous medicinal properties. Methi leaves are rich in protein, fibre, vitamin C, iron etc. Methi leaves are a must for nursing moms. The intake of methi increases milk production in nursing mothers. Methi/fenugreek is very beneficial for people with diabetes. The soluble fibre present in methi slows down the rate of sugar absorption into blood and also helps in production of insulin. Having said some of the benefits of methi/fenugreek, let’s move on to the recipe. Meanwhile do check out other interesting and healthy Breakfast Recipes here.

Here’s how to make Methi Paratha with step by step photos…

Friday 29 November 2013

Carrot Pachadi/Carrot Raita [Kerala Style]

Carrot Pachadi/Carrot Raita is a very traditional and authentic dish prepared during Onam Sadya in the State of Kerala-India. I have special attraction and love towards this pachadi, to start with, it is super-duper easy, very healthy packed with vitamins and minerals, beautiful colour and a perfect cooler for the hot summer days. My kids love carrots to the core, they will eat it in any form cooked or uncooked. This raita is one of their favourite carrot dishes as well. So try it friends you will surely love it. Check out beetroot raita and cucumber raita as well.

Here’s how to make Carrot Pachadi/Carrot Raita with step by step photos…

Thursday 28 November 2013

Aloo Methi Sabzi – Rajasthani Delight

Today I am posting Aloo Methi which I made a few days back. Though I have some of recipes left behind, I hardly find time to do the post. Next week we are planning to go to India after about 1 ½ years, I am all excited. I am kind of busy shopping and packing things. Anyway now moving on to the post, Aloo Methi is a Rajasthani delight. It is a very healthy, flavourful, spicy and yummy side dish which goes perfectly with rotis, rice etc.

Here’s how to make Aloo Methi Sabzi with step by step photos…

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Carrot & Tomato Kootu [No grinding]

This carrot & tomato kootu is the easiest kootu to make especially in the morning rush when you need to pack lunch. The best part of it is you don’t need to grind anything, yes I can  see lot of smiles in all of your face. I make this kootu when I am totally tired and when I don’t want to cook, but still have to cook. It is so easy, just add everything to the cooker, pressure cook it and then finally temper it. See, how easy it is? Still a very healthy and heavenly tasting kootu. Now let’s move on to the recipe.

Here’s how to make Carrot & Tomato Kootu with step by step photos…

Sunday 24 November 2013

Vegetable Stew/Vegetable Ishtu/Potato & Carrot Stew – Kerala Special/Vegetable Stew Recipe with step by step photos

Vegetable Ishtu is a traditional and authentic dish of Kerala, called as Vegetable stew in English. Ishtu/Stew is usually prepared just with potatoes or combination of vegetables. This stew is very easy to make, with mild spices and enriched with coconut milk. Ishtu is usually served as accompaniment with appam, idiappam, dosa etc for breakfast. I still remember having this stew at restaurants when I was a small girl, when we used to visit temples in Kerala. I love the creamy and the rich texture of this vegetable stew. Ok, now let’s move on to the recipe. Meanwhile do check out other interesting and healthy Breakfast Recipes here.

Here’s how to make Vegetable Stew/Vegetable Ishtu with step by step photos…

Friday 22 November 2013

Sweet Corn Pakoda

Today in Priya’s Virundhu is an easy and quick flavourful corn pakoda. The weather is really cold ,so I made crispy tea snacks for my kids and incorporate as much vegetables as possible.

Here’s how to make Corn Pakoda with step by step photos…

Instant Green chilli pickle

This instant green chilli pickle is very quick and easy one to make. You can choose a very spicy chilli or a very mild one of your choice. The original recipe uses the Bhavangari chillies which are long thick green chillies, but I used the bhaji chillies the big and light green ones. You can also choose the small green chillies which we use in our everyday cooking.

Here’s how to make Instant Green Chilli Pickle with step by step photos…

Thursday 21 November 2013

Paruppu Kuzhambu/Dal Gravy/Dal stew

Paruppu Kuzhambu/Dal gravy is a very traditional and authentic kuzhambu prepared in all most all the houses in Tamil Nadu. This paruppu kuzhambu is my grandmas recipe, who was from Nagapattinam, which my mom makes quite often. Paruppu kuzhambu is different from sambar, because it is made without using sambar powder or chilli powders. It is very flavourful and thick in consistency because of the garlic and ground coconut paste or coconut milk. This same paruppu kuzhambu is prepared differently in each district of Tamil Nadu with slight changes in the recipe.

Here’s how to make Paruppu Kuzhambu with step by step photos….

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Mysore Rasam/Mysore Rasam Recipe/ How to make Mysore Rasam

Rasam is nothing but a South Indian soup with different names like Chaaru in Andra Pradesh, Rasam in Tamil Nadu, Saaru in Karnataka. Rasam is prepared with tamarind juice along with tomatoes and spices like black pepper corns, cumin seeds etc. Rasam has thin consistency and helps in digestion and has other medicinal values as well. There are different types of rasam like tomato rasam 1 , pepper rasam, paruppu rasam, lemon rasam, pineapple rasam, tomato rasam  2 etc. It is really astonishing that though all the rasams have the same base, but each of them have distinct taste, the main reason for that is adding the right ingredients at the right time at right proportion. Do check out other rasam varieties here.

Here’s how to make Mysore Rasam with step by step photos….

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Fish Cutlets/Fish Patties/Fish Cakes

We are always looking to make some snacks for the kids especially after school. To satisfy their taste buds and give them something interesting is always a challenge. Today I was running out of many groceries in my kitchen and was really lazy to go shopping. It is really cold and windy, most of the days I just don’t want to step out of the door. I just had some potatoes and tuna fish [cans], so ended up making cutlets. I have previously made fish cutlets from fresh fish. This is my first time using tuna fish from a can, I never buy canned fish. But I have so many friends using canned tuna, so I just wanted to try it once. We all liked it a lot, it was awesome.

Here’s how to make Fish Cutlets with step by step photos….

Monday 18 November 2013

Beetroot Pachadi/Beetroot Raita [Kerala Style]

This week I have made a couple of pink dishes and I am going along with the pink theme. With the left over beetroots I made a very authentic, traditional Kerala dish – “Beetroot Pachadi/Beetroot Raita”. This beetroot pachadi is usually prepared during Onam Sadya along with other Sadya recipes.

Here’s Beetroot Pachadi/Beetroot Raita with step by steps photos….

Sunday 17 November 2013

Raspberry Muffin Recipe/How to make Raspberry Muffin with step by step photos

I had a box of raspberries left in my freezer, so wanted to make some muffins with them. I had bookmarked this raspberry muffin recipe long time ago, so made it this weekend and the kids loved it. Just try out this pink and colourful muffins, you will surely love it.

Here’s how to make Raspberry Muffins with step by step photos….

Saturday 16 November 2013

Beetroot Poori/Pink Puri/Beetrrot Poori Recipe/How to make Beetroot Poori Recipe with step by step photos...

Earlier this week I posted beetroot kootu. Now I have come up with another attractive, addictive and vibrant dish none other than Beetroot Poori. Since I bought a big bag of beetroots I have other beetroot recipes as well coming up this week for you guys. Whenever I make these colourful pooris my girls go really crazy because to two things, one is that, it is pink and another it’s their favourite “poori”. This surely is a short cut to get your kids to eat their vegetables, so friends do check it out. Meanwhile do check out other interesting and healthy Breakfast Recipes here.

Here’s how to make Beetroot Poori/Pink Poori with step by step photos….

Friday 15 November 2013

Capsicum Besan Sabji/Capsicum Fry with Chickpea Flour/Tri Colour Capsicum Fry

I am seriously fond of capsicums I thinks it’s because of its mild flavour, vibrant colour and so many more reasons. Botanically capsicums/bell peppers are fruits as they have seeds. But as they are widely used for cooking, so they are accepted as vegetables.  Capsicums have different names around the world, they are called as chilli peppers in Britain. In USA and Canada they are called as Bell peppers. In Australia and Asia they are known as Capsicums. The capsicums come in different colours like green, red, yellow, orange and even purple, though I am yet to see a purple one. I was really astonished when I read about purple capsicums. The stronger the color of capsicums, the higher the level of anti-oxidants in them. They have high content of vitamin A, C, B complex , E along with other important minerals needed for our body. Let’s all eat healthy and lead a healthy life. Please check out other Capsicum dishes here.

Here’s how to make Capsicum Besan Sabji with step by step photos….

Thursday 14 November 2013

Tomato & Mozzarella Pasta Bake Recipe/Pasta Bake Recipe/Tomato & Mozzarella Pasta Bake Recipe with step by step photos

As we all know that Pasta is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine. Pasta is made from durum wheat flour mixed with water and formed into sheets or various shapes, then cooked and served in different forms and varieties. As far as the pasta bake is concerned the amount of pasta sauce added is more and slight twist is given by adding a layer of cheese on top and baked just before serving. Another twist that can be given to the pasta bake is you can add any leftover steamed or grilled vegetables, sauces etc.

Here is how to make Tomato & Mozzarella Cheese Pasta Bake with step by step photos.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Aloo Paratha/Potato Paratha/Aloo Paratha Recipe/How to make Aloo Paratha with step by step photos

Aloo Paratha is a famous and common paratha made in North India. It is very filling and best served with yogurt or pickle. This aloo paratha is my kid’s favourite lunch box item. Potatoes is everyone’s favourite and totally irresistible and when stuffed and made in to parathas they taste heavenly. Meanwhile do check out other interesting and healthy Breakfast Recipes here.

Here’s how to make Aloo Paratha with step by step photos….

Thalicha Dosa [With left over Dosa batter]/Thalicha Dosa Recipe/How to make Thalicha Dosa with left over dosa batter with step by step photos

This thalicha dosa is my mom’s special. It is very easy, delicious and a filling dosa. Thalicha dosa has to be made with sour and old dosa batter, but after adding the tempering with onions you will not taste the sourness. The best part of all is thalicha dosa does not need any side dish, but can be served with idli milagai podi or sambar. Check out this thalicha dosa and you will surely love it. Meanwhile do check out other interesting and healthy Breakfast Recipes here.

Here’s how to make Thalicha Dosa with step by step photos…

Monday 11 November 2013

Vegetable Puffs with Potato Filling

Vegetable puffs is a very popular and a common evening snack in India and is sold in all the bakeries. It is an all-time favorite among all the age groups especially kids. Not only just an evening snack it is a perfect party snack and also is a great hit in all the birthday parties. As far as the filling is concerned the potato & peas filling is very common, you can make filling with any other vegetables of your choice as well. There are a variety of puffs available in bakeries like chicken puffs, meat puffs, egg puffs etc.

Here is how to make Vegetable Puffs with step by step photos….

Saturday 9 November 2013

Beetroot Kootu with Chana Dal/Kadalai Paruppu

Beetroot kootu is a very nutritious and healthy dish that can be served with either white rice or with rotis or any Indian bread. Kootu is a very traditional food served in Tamil Nadu as a part of lunch menu and no feast (virundhu) is complete without kootu. Kootu is nothing but cooking vegetables and dals together and finally tempering them. Kootu can be done with different combination of vegetables and dals. Beetroot kootu is mostly done with moong dal, here I have done it with chana dal just like my mom. Check out the other kootu varieties here.

Here’s how to make Beetroot Kootu with step by step photos…

Friday 8 November 2013

Lemon Couscous – Indian Style/Lemon Couscous Recipe/How to make Lemon Couscous Recipe with step by step photos

Couscous is a traditional Berber [kind of food eaten in North Africa] dish of semolina which is cooked by steaming. It is traditionally served with meat or vegetables. Couscous is a staple food throughout the North African cuisines of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania and Libya. The process of manufacturing couscous is labour-intensive. The semolina is sprinkled with water and rolled with the water and rolled with hands to form small pellets, sprinkled with dry flour to keep them separate and then sieved. Any pellets which are too small to be finished granules of couscous and fall through the sieve are again rolled and sprinkled with dry semolina and rolled into pellets. [Info source: Wikipedia]. These pellets are packed and sold in the shop as couscous. Here I have prepared the same couscous with Indian spices and lemon juice. This lemon couscous can be had for lunch with any vegetable stir fry or for dinner with just pickles. Meanwhile do check out other interesting and healthy Breakfast Recipes here.

Here’s how to make Lemon Couscous with step by step photos…

Thursday 7 November 2013

Chilli Paneer Dry/Easy Paneer Recipes/Chilli Paneer Recipe/Chilli Paneer Recipe with step by step photos

There is one big problem I am coming across every day, it is definitely not cooking, it is not teaching lessons for kids, it is not the household work, it is not shopping but it is writing an introduction for the recipes. I write a few things, delete it, then rewrite and then somehow settle with a few lines and then move ahead. Coming to today’s recipe I made chilli paneer dry version, which is yet another delectable paneer dish found in all the restaurant menus. This is another simple and quick paneer dish made with onions, capsicums, blended with sauces and Indian spices. Also check out other interesting and mouthwatering Paneer Recipes here, other North Indian Subjis here.

Here’s how to make Chilli Paneer Dry with step by step photos…

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Chettinad Egg Curry – TamilNadu Special

Today in Priya’s Virundhu it is a very authentic, traditional and easy recipe of South India, it is the Chettinad Egg curry. This egg curry is a perfect blend of Indian spices, roasted and ground freshly and used immediately to make the gravy. The fresh and aromatic spices infused together with rest of the ingredients and give a perfect coating for the boiled eggs. Check it out friends you will surely love it, no one can surely resist this spicy and delicious curry.

Here’s how to make Chettinad Egg Curry with step by step photos….

How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs?

Making hard boiled eggs is a very basic and essential part of cooking for everyone. My husband is crazy about eggs; the only thing he says is you need not cook anything. Just give me some eggs, rice and yogurt. He can survive with it for days. Having said that I am moving on to share with you all how to make these hard boiled eggs. I know you all should be experts in making hard boiled eggs but still I am sharing it for those who are new to cooking.

Here’s how to make Hard Boiled Eggs with step by step photos…

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Kadaai Paneer/Paneer Recipes/Kadaai Paneer Recipe/How to make Kadaai Paneer with step by step photos

Since I was born and brought up in South India, paneer was not cooked at home when I was a small kid, we used to have paneer dishes at restaurants and at special occasions. But later on things started to change, we started to make paneer at home and incorporate in many recipes. Now it is so common and my kids also love paneer  I make several paneer dishes referring to books and recipes from friends. This kadai paneer is a very famous and common dish found in almost all the Indian restaurants and my husband’s favourite. check out other interesting and mouthwatering Paneer Recipes here, other North Indian Subjis here.

Here’s how to make Kadai Paneer with step by step photos…

Monday 4 November 2013

Crostini with Cherry Tomatoes & Mozzarella/Crostini with Cherry Tomatoes & Mozzarella Cheese with step by step photos

For this month’s IFC challenge we are exploring the Campania cuisine of Italy chosen by Priya Suresh. Campania is a highly populated region in the Southern Italy, located on the Italian Peninsula with the Mediterranean Sea to the West.

Campania’s exuberant cuisine relies on sun-kissed vegetables and herbs, salty capers, dried pasta and fresh farmhouse cheeses, chief among them water buffalo’s Mozzarella. Campania is home to over 80% of Italy’s water buffaloes, so the Campani produce a number of delicious water buffalo’s milk cheeses. For this month’s IFC challenge I chose to do the Corstini with cherry tomatoes & mozzarella. Thanks a lot Mrs. Priya for the wonderful challenge.

Here’s how to make Crostini with step by step photos…

Saturday 2 November 2013

Pasiparuppu Murukku/Moong Dal Murukku - Easy Diwali Snacks

Wishing all my friends, readers a very Happy Diwali and a year filled with happiness, success and prosperity. Have a safe and wonderful Diwali….

Having said that the past couple of days I was so busy with shopping, cooking, meeting friends, prayers etc. could not find time to blog. I made lot of snacks and sweets of which I am going to share Pasiparuppu Murukku/Moong dal Murukku with you all. A very crispy, quick and easy murukku when you are really pressed on time.

Here’s how to make Pasiparuppu Murukku/Moongdal Murukku with step by step photos…

Moongdal Murukku/Pasi paruppu murukku

Friday 1 November 2013

CWS Event – Cooking With Seeds - Wheat

Happy to announce that I am hosting Priya’s –CWS [Cooking With Seeds] event at my space. Priya akka is a versatile blogger and a great inspiration to all the other blogger. Do check out her innovative  recipes at Priya’s Versatile Recipes. Thanks a lot Priya akka for letting me host your wonderful event and for designing the beautiful logo for the event.

A little about “Wheat” – Wheat is a cereal grain originally from the East and Ethiopian Highlands, but now cultivated worldwide. Raw wheat can be ground into flour or using hard durum wheat can be ground into semolina, it is germinated and dried creating malt, crushed or cut into cracked wheat, parboiled, dried, crushed and de-branned into bulgur. Wheat plays a vital role and also a major ingredient in food such as bread, rotis, porridge, crackers, biscuits, pies, cakes etc. So what are you waiting for friends, cook anything with wheat and link it in the linky tool.

Thursday 31 October 2013

Pottukadalai Murukku/Fried Gram Murukku

Are you running out of time to make Diwali snacks? Then Pottukadalai murukku is the right answer for you. You can use the store bought rice flour and mix it with pottukadalai flour and few more ingredients and tada… your soft & crunchy murukku is ready in minutes. Pottukadalai Murukku/Fried Gram Murukku is crunchy, crispy and delicious murukku and my childhood favourite. The flavour of cumin seeds infused with the buttery taste of pottukadalai/fried gram gives a heavenly taste. Do check out other Diwalisnacks & sweets here.

Here’s how to make Pottukadalai Murukku with step by step photos…

Monday 28 October 2013

Ashoka Halwa Recipe– Thiruvaiyar Halwa /Diwali Special Sweets/Ashoka Halwa/How to make Ashoka Halwa with step by step photos

Ashoka Halwa is a traditional and a very famous sweet in Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu usually served as a dessert. The name is very fascinating and interesting, but I don't know why or how it got it's name. It is made in special occasions like weddings, baby shower etc and also during festival seasons. This halwa is prepared with moong dal as main ingredient which is rich in protein and fiber.  Do try it out friends, it is very easy and quick Diwali sweet. Check out other Halwa Varieties here and Diwali sweets and snacks here.

Here’s how to make Ashoka Halwa with step by step photos…

Sunday 27 October 2013

Stuffed Capsicum Masala/Stuffed Bell Pepper Masala

Though this stuffed capsicum masala looks very hard to make, it is really very easy and has immense flavour and taste. I have made potato filling for the stuffing which can be replaced with tomato cheese filling or potato & peas masala filling or anything of your choice. The stuffed capsicum masala is very filling, one stuffed capsicum and two rotis makes one whole meal. I have used different colored capsicums, you can make with any coloured capsicums depending on availability.

Here’s how to make Stuffed Capsicum Masala with step by step photos…

Friday 25 October 2013

Bhoondi Ladoo/Boondhi Ladoo – Diwali Special

Bhoondi ladoo is a very popular and traditional sweet prepared for festivals, special occasions, weddings etc. Ladoos are offered as neivedhyam for poojas in temples and given as prasad to everyone. Ladoo comes from the Sanskrit word “ladduka” meaning a small ball. Bhoondi ladoo is made with besan flour and sugar syrup along with nuts and raisins.

Here’s how to make Bhoondi Ladoo with step by step photos….

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Mint Coconut Chutney/Pudhina Thengai Chutney [Side dish for Idlis & Dosas]

Today in Priyas Virundhu it is very healthy, simple and delicious Mint coconut chutney. It is very common and delectable chutney prepared in most of the houses in South India. Check out other chutney varieties here.

Here’s how to make Mint Coconut Chutney with step by step photos….

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Jangiri /Jhangiri – Diwali Special [300 th Post] With Video

Hello friends,
Today I am so happy that this post is a double dhamaka for me, because this is my 300th post and my blog has reached 3.1 lakh pageviews. First of all I would like to thank each and every one of you for your kind support and encouragement that made all this possible. When I started this blog, I never thought I would be able to come this far. This journey of blogging is marvelous, the happiest part is meeting lot of new friends virtually and learning lot of new things every day. I would once again like to thank all of you for showing your love with your kind and beautiful words. To celebrate this lovely moment I made Jangiris as a special treat to each and every one of you. As you all know Jangiri is a traditional and authentic South Indian sweet made with Urad dal with out any fermentation and soaked in sugar syrup made especially during festivals and special occasions.

Here’s how to make Jangiri/Jhangiri with step by step photos…

Monday 21 October 2013

Kara Boondi/Bhoondhi – Easy Diwali Snacks

Hello Friends,
Diwali is round the corner and I think all of you must be very busy planning to make traditional, authentic sweets and snacks at home. I still remember those days when we were kids, my mom starts the Diwali sweets & snacks 4-5 days ahead and it is really fun. Since we were four kids my mom used to make huge batches of Murukkus, Ribbon pakodas, Oma podi, kara sev etc, but we used to finish it off so fast. Anyway friends today I prepared Kara Boondi for my kids and I am sharing it with you all. Check out other Diwali Sweets & Snacks here.

Here’s how to make Kara Boondi with step by step photos…

Vanilla Mug Cake Recipe [Eggless] in Microwave /Vanilla MugCake Recipe with step by step photos

Now that term holidays have started for my girls, I am really busy running around with them. Today I just made a simple Vanilla mug cake in microwave which can be made in a jiffy. It is delectable and easy to make, the best part is the individual portions.

Here’s how to make Vanilla Mug Cake with step by step photos…

Sunday 20 October 2013

Carrot Chutney [Side dish/dips for Idlis, dosas, rotis etc]

For me, getting the kids to eat different vegetables is a big challenge, I think it is the same with many parents. And also when it comes to packing lunch for kids, my girl prefers to have only idlis, dosas, sandwich and rotis and no rice. So I make different types of chutneys all colorful and healthy ones as side dish/dips to pack for lunch. So here is one such chutney, none other than the interesting, healthy and delicious Carrot Chutney. Please check out my other Chutney Varieties here.

Here’s how to make Carrot Chutney with step by step photos….

Saturday 19 October 2013

Egg Omelette [Indian Style]/Masala Omelette

 I make eggs every day in my house, it could be just regular fried eggs, boiled or scrambled ones, I think it is the same with all of you. But these omelettes are my life saver. When I am really tired of cooking and very lazy, I just make these omelettes and serve it with simple rasam  and white rice. I also make these omelettes and serve them with bread and some tomatoes for breakfast. Anyone can make this  filling, simple and quick egg omelette without any hassles.

Here’s how to make Egg Omelette with step by step photos…

Friday 18 October 2013

Mangalore Chicken Ghee Roast Recipe/Chicken Ghee Roast Recipe/How to make Chicken Ghee Roast with step by step photos

This Chicken Ghee Roast is very famous in Mangalore, you will surely get to see it in all the restaurant menus. Whenever I get to visit my friend I love to have this chicken, usually this chicken with made with bone and skin. The aroma of the ghee, curry leaves and bright red color of the chicken you will surely finish it off in no time. Here I have used the boneless chicken. Make sure you should be generous with the amount of ghee which gives the unique taste and flavour to this chicken roast. Also check out other interesting and mouthwatering Chicken Varuvals/Fry/Biryanis/Gravies etc hereMutton/goat Meat Recipes,Fish & Egg Recipes

Here’s how to make Chicken Ghee Roast with step by step photos….