Sunday 28 August 2016

Dindigul Thalapakkati Chicken Biryani Recipe/Thalapakkati Chicken Biryani with Naatu Kozhi/Naatu Kozhi Chicken Biryani/Sunday Special ChickenBiryani/Thalapakkatti Chicken Biryani Recipe with step by step photos

Today I am to going to share my all time favorite Dindigul Thalapakkati Chicken Biryani recipe from my kitchen. I have made this Biryani with Naatu Kozhi/Country chicken, it was extremely flavorful and authentic, traditional taste. I have tried to make thalapakkati biryani many times, from different recipe source, but this one is the ultimate one and just like the restaurant biryani. I just love this extremely flavourful and super tempting biryani. Do try it out friends; you will fall instantly in love with it. This recipe involves lots of peeling and grinding, but just worth it. And also friends, do check out other Biryani[veg/nonveg] and other mouthwatering Chicken Varuvals/Fry/Biryanis/Gravies etc hereMutton/goat Meat Recipes,Fish & Egg Recipes

Here’s how to make Dindigul Thalapakkati Chicken Biryani with step by step photos….

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Ribbon Pakoda/Ribbon Karasev -2 [Krishna Jayanthi/Gokulashtami Special]

Hello friends,

Today I am going to share the second version of  Ribbon Pakoda/Karasev or Nada/Ola Pakoda. Now that Krishna Jayanthi/Gokulashtami is fast approaching all of you must be on the look of making different savories quickly and easily. So do not forget to check out other interesting and easy Krishna Jayanthi recipes here. I have also posted another version of ribbon karasev in this link, do check that out also. Do  try out this crispy, crunchy and tasty ribbon pakoda and post your comments here.

Here’s how to make Ribbon Pakoda with step by step photos…

Saturday 6 August 2016

Egg Biryani Recipe/Thattukadai Egg Biryani/Street Food Style Egg Biryani/Muttai Biryani

Everybody loves biryani, especially when it comes to egg biryani it’s a delightful choice for eggetarians. This egg biryani is a very easy and quick recipe that can be made as lunch box recipe as well. The aroma and flavor of this egg biryani will surely make you hungry. Do try out as lunch menu for one Sunday afternoon and post your comments here. Meanwhile check out biryani varieties here and other non vegetarian recipes here.

Here’s how to make Egg Biryani with step by step photos…

Wednesday 3 August 2016

Peanut Chutney Without Coconut/Verkadalai Chutney without Coconut/Nilakadalai Chutney/Groundnut Chutney

Are you looking for an alternative for coconut chutney, they here it is nutty flavoured groundnut chutney. There are many ways in which peanut chutney is made; here I am sharing the one which I make at my home. Meanwhile check out other Chutney varieties here. Do try this peanut chutney and post your comments here.

Here’s how to make Peanut chutney with step by step photos…

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Sweet KuzhiPaniyaram/Inippu Kuzhipaniyaram with Jaggery

Sweet Kuzhipaniyaram is a very easy to make evening snack and is a very popular South Indian dish. This delectable dish is made with less number of ingredients and can be made with things easily available at our house. Do try out this easy and delicious Sweet Kuzhi Paniyaram and post your comments here.

Here’s how to make Sweet Kuzhipaniyaram with step by step photos…

Monday 1 August 2016

Sweet Rava Appam/Sweet Appam with Sooji

Hello Friends,

Today, I am going to share a very elegant and traditional recipe that we especially make on Karthigai Deepam that is none other than Sweet Rava Appam.  This appam though made for neivedhyam during pooja days; can be made as quick snack for kids after school and add a big smaile on their face. We make different types of appam, like wheat flour appam, neiappam etc which I will be updating soon. For now, do try out this quick and easy Sweet Rava Appam and post your comments here. Mean while do check out Diwali Sweets & Snacks and also neivedhyam recipes here.

Here’s how to make Sweet Rava Appam with step by step photos…