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Sunday, 19 July 2020

Oreo Dessert Box Recipe/Oreo Pudding Dessert Box- Eggless & without Oven/Oreo Pudding Recipe/Oreo Dessert/How to make Oreo Dessert Box Recipe with step by step photos & Video

Oreo Dessert Box is an easy and truly delightful recipe that can be made in a jiffy. This oreo dessert box is made without eggs and another best thing about it is you don’t need an oven to make it. If you love oreo’s then you have landed in the right place to make something unique and exotic. This dessert box requires very minimal ingredients but the taste is just divine. Do try out this Oreo Dessert Box and post your comments here.

Here's how to make Oreo Dessert Box with step by step photos & Video

Monday, 29 June 2020

Vanilla Custard Ice cream Recipe/Custard Ice cream Recipe/How to make Vanilla Custard Ice cream step by step photos & Video

Today’s recipe is Vanilla Custard Icecream – rich creamy and super tempting Ice cream. Who can resist to this tempting Icecream, just try it out friends and post your comments here. Also please like, share and subscribe to our Youtube Channel-Priyas Virundhu. Meanwhile do check out other interesting Ice creams,Milkshakes, Smoothies etc here.

Here’s how to make Vanilla Custard Ice Cream with step by step photos and Video...

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Watermelon Juice Recipe/How to make Watermelon juice/Easy Watermelon Juice – Refreshing & Thirst Quenching

 Watermelon is one of the best thirst quenchers for hot summer days. Watermelon helps in keeping our body hydrated and replenishes our body with required nutrients and minerals lost due to sweating. Watermelon has high amount of water content – about 92 % , but is  also loaded with vitamins and minerals. They have significant amount of vitamin A, B6, C, loads of Lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. It is a complete power packed fruit with very less calories that aids in weight loss. Do try out this refreshing, hydrating and thirst quenching water melon juice and post your comments here. Meanwhile do check out other interesting, healthy and fresh juices/lassi’s/milkshakes/smoothies etchere.

Here’s how to make watermelon juice with step by step photos…

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Hot Cocoa Float

Hello Friends,

Today, I am going to share a exotic recipe made by my daughter from her favourite Elmo’s recipe book – Hot Cocoa Float. This hot cocoa is enriched with real milk chocolate and a scoop of ice-cream topping, so a little goes a long way to satisfy a sweet tooth. You can save this dessert-like drink for special occasions, but hot chocolate without topping is tasty and comforting anytime. Do try out this Hot Cocoa Float and post your comments here. Meanwhile do check out other milkshakes, ice-creams and other interesting refreshing drinks here.

Here’s how to make Hot Cocoa Float with step by step photos…

Friday, 3 July 2015

Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe - Microwave Minute Cake/Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe with step by step photos

Today it's a simple, quick and easy microwave chocolate mug cake that can be made in a minute. This cake can be served as evening snack for kids after school, it will surely put a smile on their face and your kids energy goes up, up and up. Try it out friends and post your comments
Here's how to make Chocolate Mug Cake with step by step photos....

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Nutella Mug Cake in Microwave/Nutella Mug Cake Recipe

Now that kids are at home due to summer holidays, it is really a big challenge to keep them preoccupied with loads of activities. Also after all the activities they get really hungry and crave for snacks. Though we feed them with fruits, juice etc, once in a while a little treat like a mug cake always puts a smile on their face. So I am going to share with you all a quick and easy Nutella Mug Cake which can be made in less than 5 minutes.

Here’s how to make Nutella Mug Cake…

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Chocolate Chip Cookies[Eggless]

Now that Xmas holidays are fast approaching, everybody is on the lookout of making cakes and cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are not just kids favourite but very tempting cookies for all age groups. Though I have shared other cookies with eggs, I wanted to share the very famous chocolate chip cookies without eggs. These cookies are very easy to make and best choice even for the beginners. Enjoy these crunchy, addictive and mind blowing White Chocolate Chip Cookies for these holidays.

Here’s how to make White Chocolate Chip Cookies with step by step photos….

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Carrot Cake [light/Butterless]/Carrot Cake Recipe/How to make Carrot Cake with step by step photos

Today I am going to share a very addictive and tempting Carrot Cake not just that, this cake is butter less. I know this month most of you will be baking lots of cakes as X’mas is fast approaching. So, I wanted to share a healthy version of carrot cake which you can try in your home. I have used chopped almonds to bake this cake, since I had them handy in my pantry and they did taste great. You can as well use walnuts which are always best paired with carrots in baking carrot cakes.

Here’s how to make Carrot Cake with step by step photos…

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Vegetable & Egg Pasta [Healthy Version with No Cheese & No Sauces]

Making Pasta need not always involve cheese in it; here is another healthy, quick and filling pasta dish without any cheese or sauces. Kids love to eat pasta, but the responsibility of making it healthy lies on us. This Vegetable and Egg pasta is one such dish with no cheese or white sauce, but loaded with vegetables and rich in protein  from eggs. Do try out this flavourful, tempting and delicious Vegetable & Egg pasta and give your feedback. Check out other delicious Pasta varieties here.

Here’s how to make Vegetable & Egg pasta with step by step photos….

Friday, 21 November 2014

Kung Pao Chicken Recipe/How to make Kung Pao Chicken Recipe with step by step photos

Kung Pao Chicken is a very popular Chinese recipe originated from the Sichuan province of China. It is made my marinating chicken cubes in sauces and then cooked along with dry red chillies and roasted peanuts. The chicken can be either deep fried or stir fried, but I have done the low fat version by just stir frying the chicken. You can as well add cubed red and green bell peppers for added taste and flavour. For now try this exotic Kung Pao chicken and enjoy your day. Also check out other interesting and mouthwatering Chicken Varuvals/Fry/Biryanis/Gravies etc hereMutton/goat Meat Recipes,Fish & Egg Recipes

Here’s how to make Kung Pao Chicken with step by step photos…

Friday, 7 November 2014

Cashew Nut Cookies/Mundhiri Paruppu Cookies

Today I am going to share a very nutty, crunchy, delectable and a traditional Cookie – none other than Cashew nut cookies. Ok, wait, did I write traditional, yes it is a traditional cookie of China. Cashew nut cookies are prepared in large batches for Chinese New Year and shared among friends and family. These cashew cookies are totally irresistible; you will never stop with one or two. Try these addictive cookies and have a great day. Check out other Cookie Varieties here.

Here’s how to make Cashew nut Cookies with step by step photos…

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Chocolate Pancake Recipe/How to make Chocolate Pancakes/Easy Chocolate Pancakes

Pancakes are the easiest and exotic dish, loved by all age group. You want to surprise your little ones after they come back home from school, then here it is - totally irresistible and filling chocolate pancakes. You can serve these pancakes for breakfast, for brunch or for evening snacks. Do check out other delectable and yummy pancakes here.

Here’s how to make Chocolate Pancake with step by step photos…

Friday, 18 July 2014

Grilled Eggplant Salad – North African Delight

Hello Friends,

Today I will be sharing with you all a very vibrant, colourful and exotic Grilled Eggplant salad. I came across this recipe in Master chef South Africa and fell immediately in love with it. Anything healthy, quick and easy to make, then I try it right away and believe it or not this salad is surely mind blowing.

Here’s how to make Grilled Eggplant Salad with step by step photos…

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Vanilla Panna cotta with Strawberry Sauce

Hello friends,

I am back after about a month, I was really missing all of you and my cute little website. We are trying to settle down slowly in Chennai, summer is at its peak and we are enjoying every moment with family and friends. Thank you all friends, readers and subscribers for your continuous support and encouragement and keeping my website alive and running. For this hot summer, I am going to share a cool, easy and luscious Italian dessert. Panna cotta is eaten all over Italy, it is served with wild berries, caramel, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce etc. Originally Panna cotta is made by shimmering together cream, milk, sugar and then mixed with gelatin but I have used agar agar for the same texture. Try it out friends, hope you all enjoy it…

Here’s how to make Vanilla Panna cotta with photos….

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Pasta with Chickpeas/Pasta e Ceci – Indian Version [Vegetarian]

 “Pasta e Ceci” means “Pasta and Chickpeas” which is actually a thick soup. In Rome pasta e ceci was traditionally eaten during lent (40 days before Easter) on Fridays, when the Catholic Church discouraged eating meat. Pasta e Ceci is found throughout Italy, the one food I could find in most of the menus when we visited Italy. But the pasta e ceci had the anchovies fillets added to it, but I have made a vegetarian version of Pasta e Ceci and added a little bit of Indian spices for added kick. Do try this pasta with chickpeas friends, you will surely find it interesting and stunning.

Here’s how to make Pasta e Ceci with step by step photos….

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Tres Leches Cake Recipe [Three Milk Cake] – Mexican Cake/Tres Leches Cake with step by step photos

This Tres Leches Cake is a special Mexican cake, I did for my girl’s birthday as an exotic treat and also to celebrate my 400th post. I thank each and every one of you to have encouraged me, supported me and helped me reach to this point. Before going into tres leches recipe, I would love to share a few things about this dense, moist, delectable and fantastic cake. Tres Leches Cake is a sponge cake, soaked in three different kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream. This tres leches cake does not use butter, but it is a very light cake, with lots of air bubbles. It has a unique texture, despite of being soaked in the three milk  mixture, it does not have soggy consistency.

Here's how to make Tres Leches Cake with step by step photos....

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dates & Nuts Cookies

All the kids love cookies, why not add something nutritious to the cookies to make it tastier and healthier. After having made the Dates & Nuts Cake, I wanted to make dates and nuts cookies for my kids. Actually to tell the truth, myself and my husband were glued to the cookie box. Believe it or not they are really addictive. I added chopped almonds but the choice of nuts can be yours. Ok now ladies, do try this scrumptious cookies and you will surely fall in love with it.

Here’s how to make Dates & Nuts cookies with step by step photos….

Monday, 10 March 2014

Mini Doughnuts [Without Eggs]

Though I love krispy kerme and dunkin doughnuts, I always have special place for the mini doughnuts in my heart especially when I go to fairs and market place. The addictive and aromatic bite sized doughnuts are sold as street food, and one thing is for sure, you will never stop with one. I came across these mini doughnuts recipe, which does not require doughnut maker and gave it a shot immediately. These mini doughnuts look so crispy on the outside but so soft, airy and spongy in the middle. Do try it out friends; they are just fantabulous…

Here’s how to make Mini Doughnuts with step by step photos…

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Spinach & Sundried Tomatoes Pasta

I love to eat pasta, but I am not a cheese person. So most of the times, I try to avoid as much cheese as possible, but my kids love cheese to the core. Today I made creamy, healthy, tangy and flavorful pasta without adding cheese, it was really a winner. The addition of milk made it creamy, the addition of spinach made it healthy, addition of sun dried tomatoes gave some tanginess and the rest of all the ingredients gave a boost to the whole dish. Do check out other delectable pasta varieties here...

Here’s how to make Spinach Pasta with sun dried tomatoes with step by step photos…

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Banana Bread with Wheat Flour Recipe [No Butter & No Eggs]/Banana Bread with Wheat Flour Recipe/Banana Bread with step by step photos

As I said in my earlier post I am making and baking a lot of healthy snacks at home. One such healthy bread I made is the Banana Bread with wheat flour. My kids liked the banana muffins a lot, so thought of making banana bread with wheat flour without adding butter or eggs. Try this healthy banana bread friends, you will surely love it.

Here’s how to make Banana Bread with step by step photos…