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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

ABC Juice/Apple Carrot Beetroot Juice/How to Make ABC Juice – A Miracle Drink

Apple, carrot and beetroot juice is also called as miracle drink because of innumerable benefits for our body, brain, skin etc. Fruits and vegetable juices are one of the best ways to get vitamins and minerals in our diet. This juice is a perfect detox drink that is very refreshing and keeps us energetic throughout the day. In human body toxin removal happens in four different ways, liver will remove fat soluble toxins, kidney will remove water soluble toxins, intestine will remove undigested toxins and skin will remove metabolic toxins.  ABC is  such a miracle drink that helps in flushing out all these toxins through these organs. Try out this miracle drink and have a wonderful and a healthy life. Meanwhile do checkout other interesting Juice Recipes here.

Here’s how to make ABC juice with photos…

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Carrot Rice/Simple Carrot Rice – Easy Lunch Box Recipe/Carrot Sadham

One tedious job is to pack lunch for kids, of which the best challenge is to make them an attractive meal both healthy and colorful. Another big challenge which all the moms face is to make them finish their lunch. Here’s one such recipe which is both colorful, nutritious and the best part is that you can make it in less than 15 minutes. This carrot rice is very simple and can be made with either freshly cooked rice or with left over rice as well. Do try out this healthy Carrot Rice recipe and post your comments here. Meanwhile do check out other interesting Vegetarian Rice Varieties, NonVegetarian Rice varieties here.

Here’s how to make Carrot Rice with step by step photos…

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Mixed Vegetable Paneer Curry/Paneer and Mixed Vegetable Curry

Hello friends,

I am back today with a very healthy and lovely vegetable paneer curry. I know it is really hard to get the kids to eat vegetables. But, when there is paneer involved in it, then it is easier for us to give the kids a healthy, filling and nutritious curry. This is a wonderful side dish for rotis, naan, chapathis, pulav, ghee rice etc. The best of it is, it can be made in a jiffy and does not involve grinding. Any way friends , do try out this recipe and post your comments.

Here’s how to make Vegetable Paneer Curry with step by step photos…

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Oats Carrot Smoothie – Healthy & Light Breakfast Smoothie

Today I am going to share with you all a very light, healthy and filling breakfast smoothie. You can make this smoothie is no time and it can also be served as snack between meals. The carrots offers vitamin A & C, dates offer iron & minerals, milk provides calcium & minerals and oats gives enough fibre and energy. So why not start your day with this healthy smoothie?

Here’s how to make Oats Carrot Smoothie with step by step photos…

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Pottukadalai Sambar/Roasted Gram Sambar/Dalia Sambar

Sambar is a South Indian delight prepared in all the houses either as side dish or for lunch to be had with white rice. We make different types of sambar like drumsticks sambar, small onion sambar, milagai killi potta sambar, pachhaparuppu sambar, arachu vitta sambar, paruppu kuzhambu, paruppu thakkali etc. But each sambar has unique taste and different from one another. Even adding different types of vegetables adds different taste to the sambar. In this post I am going to share a very healthy and unique Pottukadalai sambar, made with just roasted gram/pottukadalai and vegetables. Do try out this healthy and finger licking sambar and post your comments. Do not forget to check out other interesting and delightful Sambar Varieties here.

Here’s how to make Pottukadalai/Roasted gram sambar with step by step photos…

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Carrot Cake [light/Butterless]/Carrot Cake Recipe/How to make Carrot Cake with step by step photos

Today I am going to share a very addictive and tempting Carrot Cake not just that, this cake is butter less. I know this month most of you will be baking lots of cakes as X’mas is fast approaching. So, I wanted to share a healthy version of carrot cake which you can try in your home. I have used chopped almonds to bake this cake, since I had them handy in my pantry and they did taste great. You can as well use walnuts which are always best paired with carrots in baking carrot cakes.

Here’s how to make Carrot Cake with step by step photos…

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Carrot Chapathi/Carrot Chapathi Recipe/How to make Carrot Chapathi with step by step photos

Carrot is my little girl’s favourite vegetable; addition of carrots in any dish puts a big smile on her face. Most of all it makes me happy and satisfied, because I can feed something healthy and filling. This carrot chapathi is one of my little girls favourite and she loves it in her lunch box. So, today I am sharing with you all this delectable, flavourful, colourful and healthy carrot chapathi. Meanwhile check out other interesting Breakfast Recipes here.

Here’s how to make Carrot Chapathi with step by step photos…

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Carrot Kosumalli/Carrot & Moong Dal Salad

Today I am going to share with you all a very simple, healthy and colourful salad/kosumalli. Kosumalli is a salad made with raw vegetables and soaked moong dal. Kosumalli is a very popular and traditional salad prepared on special festival days, weddings and meals in South India.

Here’s how to make Carrot Kosumalli with step by step photos…

Thursday, 6 February 2014

White Vegetable Kurma Rcipe/Vellai Kurma Recipe – Restaurant Style/How to make White Vegetable Kurma with step by step photos and Video

I know most of you must have had Vegetable White Kurma in restaurants served as accompaniment for chapathis/rotis or pulavs/biryanis. Wondering how to make this delectable White Vegetable Kurma? It is made by grinding coconut, poppy seeds, coconut, milk and green chillies. This kurma has a rich and creamy texture and  a very healthy dish. Do check out other interesting Kurma Varieties here.  Also please like, share and subscribe to our Youtube Channel Priyas Virundhu

Here’s how to make White Vegetable Kurma with step by step photos…

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Soya Chunks Vegetable Curry

Today for the third consecutive day I am posting another very healthy and delicious Soya Chunks Vegetable curry. My mom used to prepare this vegetable soya curry very often as side dish for dosas and chapathis when I was a kid. Do try this curry and let me know your feedback.

Here’s how to make Soya Chunks Vegetable Curry with step by step photos…

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Carrot Beans Poriyal/Carrot Beans Stir Fry [With Coconut]

Carrot Beans Poriyal is a very common, simple, quick, healthy and delectable side dish prepared in all the South Indian homes. The final touch of coconut to this stir fry adds an extraordinary taste. Carrot beans poriyal is an excellent accompaniment with any South Indian meals, starting from sambar rice to curd rice, not just rice, roll them in rotis and enjoy it for lunch or dinner. Though I make this very often at home, I never thought of clicking any pics and posting it here. Any way friends thought it might be useful for some beginners and bachelors.

Here’s how to make Carrot Beans Poriyal with step by step photos…

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Carrot Milkshake

Today in Priyas Virundhu it is a simple and healthy milkshake. Do you want to start your day healthy and are you looking for quick breakfast, all you need is just a cup of milk and a carrot blended with sugar. Addition of sugar to the milkshake is optional, you can very well replace it with honey.

Here’s how to make  Carrot Milkshake…

Friday, 29 November 2013

Carrot Pachadi/Carrot Raita [Kerala Style]

Carrot Pachadi/Carrot Raita is a very traditional and authentic dish prepared during Onam Sadya in the State of Kerala-India. I have special attraction and love towards this pachadi, to start with, it is super-duper easy, very healthy packed with vitamins and minerals, beautiful colour and a perfect cooler for the hot summer days. My kids love carrots to the core, they will eat it in any form cooked or uncooked. This raita is one of their favourite carrot dishes as well. So try it friends you will surely love it. Check out beetroot raita and cucumber raita as well.

Here’s how to make Carrot Pachadi/Carrot Raita with step by step photos…

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Carrot & Tomato Kootu [No grinding]

This carrot & tomato kootu is the easiest kootu to make especially in the morning rush when you need to pack lunch. The best part of it is you don’t need to grind anything, yes I can  see lot of smiles in all of your face. I make this kootu when I am totally tired and when I don’t want to cook, but still have to cook. It is so easy, just add everything to the cooker, pressure cook it and then finally temper it. See, how easy it is? Still a very healthy and heavenly tasting kootu. Now let’s move on to the recipe.

Here’s how to make Carrot & Tomato Kootu with step by step photos…

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Carrot Chutney [Side dish/dips for Idlis, dosas, rotis etc]

For me, getting the kids to eat different vegetables is a big challenge, I think it is the same with many parents. And also when it comes to packing lunch for kids, my girl prefers to have only idlis, dosas, sandwich and rotis and no rice. So I make different types of chutneys all colorful and healthy ones as side dish/dips to pack for lunch. So here is one such chutney, none other than the interesting, healthy and delicious Carrot Chutney. Please check out my other Chutney Varieties here.

Here’s how to make Carrot Chutney with step by step photos….

Friday, 19 July 2013

Grated Moroccan Carrot Salad

This Grated Carrot Salad is a Moroccan salad, a simple, healthy, sweet and a spicy salad. Carrot is a versatile vegetable loaded with vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent source of Vitamin A, a good source of potassium and contains Vitamin C & B6 along with other minerals. The carrot has a distinctive orange color because it has high level of beta-carotene which is a strong antioxidant. So here is the grated carrot salad for a healthy living…

Here’s how to make Grated Carrot Salad with photos…