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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Prawn Biryani – Easy and Quick Prawn Biryani

Hello Friends,

Wishing all my Muslim friends and readers a Wonderful and a Lovely Ramadan – Eid Mubarak. Today, on this special day I am going to share a very simple, quick and tempting prawn biryani. This recipe is a long time requested recipe from my readers and its a special dedication to all of you. Meanwhile do check out other non- vegetarian recipes and biryani recipes here. Do try out this prawn biryani and post your comments here.

Here’s how to make Prawn Biryani with step by step photos…

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Shrimp & Drumsticks Gravy/Eral Murungakkai Kuzhambu

This shrimp gravy has a wonderful tangy taste with the flavors of drumsticks and eral combined together with light touch of coconut which is totally stunning and awesome. Rather than consuming the gravy immediately after cooking, it should be made to sit for at least two hours. The juice of the shrimp and drumsticks infuse really well by that time and it is lip smacking. Ok guys…

Here’s Eral murungakkai kuzhambu with step by step photos…

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

South Indian Quick & Easy Shrimp/Prawn Fry

This shrimp/prawn fry is very easy to make and can be done in 15 -20 min's. When you are in a hurry to make some non -vegetarian side dish, this can be the one you can count on. It is very yummy and delicious.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

South Indian Shrimp/Prawn/Eral Thokku

Shrimp thokku is a very yummy dish which my mom makes all the time. I just love the taste of the masala, which I can never forget. I learnt this recipe from my mom and my  kids just love them. Your menu for the day can be very simple like milagu rasam and shrimp thooku with white rice.