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Thursday 15 April 2021

Pastas/Noodles/Pizzas/Sauce Varieties/Chinese & Italian Recipes

 Here's a Compilation of different types of Pasta and Noodles recipes      

 Chinese Recipes/Noodles/Fried Rice/Chicken Recipes



           Vegetable Fried Rice


Chilli Garlic Noodles with Video


           [Video Recipe]




Sweet & Sour Chicken [Cantonese]


    Kung Pao Chicken



       Cabbage Manchurian

            Video Recipe


Baby Corn & Mangeout Stir Fry


Video Recipe













Pasta Recipes/Italian Recipes




              Pasta/Pizza Sauce



      Spinach & Sundried Tomato Pasta



[Healthy version-no cheese & no sauce]


          Garlic Buttered Pasta


With Video





 Coriander Almond Pesto Sauce




             Cheese Pizza








Tuesday 23 March 2021

Red Sauce Pasta Recipe/Fusili Red Sauce Pasta/Tomato Pasta Recipe/Homemade Pasta Sauce Recipe/How to make Pasta Sauce at home/Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Red Sauce Pasta/Tomato Pasta/Fusili Red Sauce Pasta is a filling and super delectable Paste recipe bursting with flavours. The freshly made Red Sauce for the pasta is made with tomatoes, onions, garlic and other perfect blend of spices and herbs. Do try out this delicious Red Sauce Pasta and post your comments here. I have made this Red Sauce Pasta with Fusili but you can replace with any pasta variety of your choice. Also do not forget to check out other interesting Pasta Recipe here.

Here’s how to make Red Sauce Pasta with step by step photos…