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Schezwan Noodles Recipe/Schezwan Noodles/Schezwan Noodles with step by step photos

Schezwan Noodles is a very famous and popular Indo Chinese dish served in restaurants. The Hakka Noodles are cooked and then added to stir fried vegetables along with strong and pungent Szhezwan Sauce. Schezwan or Sichuan food is an important part of Chinese cuisine, which finds its roots in the Sichuan Province. Schezwan food is known for its prominent flavours and high spice level coming from Sichuan pepper and chilli peppers. I have used the home made Schezwan Sauce but you can use the store bought ones also. Do try out this Schezwan Noodles and post your comments here. Meanwhile do check out other interesting Indo –Chinese, Chinese recipes here.

Here’s how to make Schezwan Noodles with step by step photos…


Hakka Noodles

400 gms


1 finely chopped

Green Beans

10-12 finely chopped


2-3 finely chopped


1 bowl thinly chopped

Capsicum/Bell Pepper

1 finely chopped

Spring Onions

2 bulbs finely chopped

Schezwan Sauce

3 tbsp

Black Pepper Powder

1 tsp


1 tbsp


As needed


2-3 tsp for cooking noodles


3 tbsp for stir frying

Preparation Time: 15 – 20 minutes            Recipe Category: Main Course

Cooking Time: 20-25 minutes                      Recipe Cuisine: Chinese

Author: Priya Anandakumar

Serves: 4-5

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Heat about 8 cups of water in a sauce pan. Add required salt and 2 tsp of oil to it.

Let it come to rolling boil, at this stage reduce the flame and add the Hakka Noodles to it.

Mix everything really well and let it cook for about 5-6 minutes or until almost done.

Now switch off the stove. Drain the water using a colander. 

Rinse the noodles with cold running water. This will remove the excess starch in the noodles and prevent it from further cooking.

Add 1 tsp of oil to the noodles and toss really well.

Let it cool down completely, meanwhile let’s cook the vegetables.

Heat about 3 tbsp of oil in a kadai/pan, add finely chopped onions and saute until they turn translucent.

Add the chopped beans, carrots, little salt and sauté everything really well for about a minute.

Further add one bowl of cabbage, chopped capsicum to the pan. Mix everything really well.

Add 1 tbsp of chopped spring onions and give a good stir.

Cook on high flame for about 4-5 minutes, the vegetables must be cooked but should still be crunchy.

Now reduce the flame and add 1 tsp of black pepper powder.

Then add 3 tbsp of schezwan sauce [I have used homemade schezwan sauce, you can use the store bought ones also].

Mix everything really well until the schezwan sauce is thoroughly mixed with the vegetables.

Now add the cooked Hakka noodles to the kadai/pan.

Mix everything really well, until well combined.

Finally add 1 tbsp of rice vinegar/white vinegar, mix everything well. If needed add more schezwan sauce at this stage and mix well.

Add chopped spring onions to Schezwan Noodles and switch off the stove.

Delicious, super tempting and lovely Schezwan Noodles is ready to be enjoyed. Serve it hot along Cabbage Manchurian or Egg Manchurian or with Baby Corn & Mangetout Stir Fry


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