Friday 9 December 2016

Homemade Roasted Cumin Powder/How to make roasted cumin Powder at home/Varuthu Araitha Jeeraga Podi/Cumin Powder

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Today I am going to share a very basic recipe – making of aromatic cumin powder/Jeeragam Podi at home. This post is especially for beginners. When it comes to basic masala powders and paste, I make it only at home. The main reason is the freshness and aroma of the home made cumin powder is unbeatable when compared to the ones bought from shops. Cumin/Jeeragam has numerous health benefits and in Indian cooking they are used generously in most of all the recipes either as whole seed or in powdered form. 

Here’s how to make Cumin Powder at home ….

Health Benefits of Cumin/Jeeragam Powder

Cumin/Jeeragam is extremely good for digestive related problem. They help in activating our salivary glands in our mouth which facilitates the primary digestion of food. They also help in secreting other acids, bile and enzymes which are responsible for complete digestion of the food.  

When cumin/cumin powder is consumed with hot water gives a great relief for stomach-aches and gastric problems. 

Cumin is rich in iron and hence they are very good for lactating mothers and girls.

Several studies have shown that cumin helps in fighting anemia, boosting immune system, controls blood sugar, maintains the blood pressure level, helps in preventing cancer, improves concentration, beats constipation, fights respiratory disorder and common cold, keeps the skin young and prevents fungal infections.[info source: google, organicfacts].

Here's how to make Cumin Powder at home


Cumin Seeds/Jeeragam
100 gms
Roasting Time: 3-4 minutes
Grinding Time: 2-3 minutes


Add the cumin seeds/jeeragam to a pan and dry roast it over medium flame until you get a nice aroma. The color of the cumin seeds will turn to nice brown color. Make sure you keep stirring.

Switch off the stove and let it cool completely.

Grind the roasted cumin seeds in a mixer/spice grinder to fine powder.

Store it in airtight container. They stay fresh and aromatic for couple of months.

Cumin Powder is ready to be used for different recipes.

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  1. Even I make most of the spice powders n garam masala at home.. they are more aromatic n fresh :) useful post..


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