Sunday, 27 March 2016

Keerai Varieties/Keerai Vagaigal/Greens in Tamil and English with Photos

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to share with you all glossary of keerai varieties/Greens in English and Tamil. I have arranged the glossary with photos of keerai/greens, will be updating when ever possible as well. Please give me more suggestions and other different varieties of keerai/greens.

Here's the glossary of keerai vafaifal with photos....

Karpooravalli Bajji

Hello friends,

Today, I am going to share a very aromatic, healthy and a wonderful evening snack – Karpooravalli Bajji. I have already posted karpooravalli thuvaiyal, which is another interesting and healthy recipe which you all must try. Do check it out in the link. Feeding the kids karpooravalli is a real challenge, but make this karpooravalli bajji and the kids will surely love it. Do try it out friends and have a great week end. Do check out other interesting appetizers/starters in the link and enjoy.

Here’s how to make Karpooravalli Bajji with step by step photos…

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Masala Papad

Are you looking for a quick, easy and a refreshing appetizer?  Then, here it is – Masala Papad. The crispy papad is topped with freshly chopped vegetables and sprinkled with perfect blend of spices. I have fried the papad in oil, you can roast the papad directly on flame, or microwave for about 40 secs for a healthy alternative. I have used the lijjat papad, you can choose any urad dal papad of your choice. This masala papad is a perfect starter, you can also serve it to kids as snack after school. Mean while do not forget to check out other interesting starter/appetizer recipes in the link.

Here’s how to make Masala Papad with step by step photos…

Fish Names in Tamil & English/Types of Fish/Fish Varieties in Tamil & English

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to share the fish names both in Tamil and English. I visit fish market one or two times every week. Though I know the names of fish in Tamil each time I used to google to find out the English names. I have googled most of the fish names and made a glossary, so that it would be useful for everybody. Next time, I am planning to click photos of each fish and update this post whenever possible. Ok  friends, if you find anything wrong or if you would like to add more fish names please keep me posted.

Here’s the list of fish names in both English and Tamil.

The above is Kola Meen after it is cut, which I made this week end. Will share recipes of the same soon.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Nenju Elumbu Soup/Maarkandam Soup/Mutton Bone Soup - South Indian Mutton Bone Soup/Perfect Soup For Cold & Cough

Are you on the lookout for a comfort food, then yes here it is – Nenju elumbu soup/maarkanda ellumbu soup/mutton bone soup. My mom always makes soup during weekends and serves it as mid-morning snack. Not just this soup, she also makes nenju ellumbu sambar which I will be posting soon. You can add this soup to white rice, mix thoroughly and feed it for babies (above 8 months). I used to feed my kids mutton and chicken soup after they turned 8 months old, and they used to love it.  Just adjust the spice level if you are feeding it for babies, you can add few drops of ghee and feed them.  This is an excellent remedy for cold, cough, for people recovering from illness and builds strong immune system. Not just that it can be served during cold winter days which in turn refresh your mind and body. The perfect blend of spices cooked along with the bones makes it flavourful and irresistible. Do try out this traditional and authentic Nenju Ellumbu Soup and post your comments. Meanwhile check out the South IndianChicken Soup which I have posted earlier here.

Here’s how to make Nenju Elllumbu soup with step by step photos…



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