Tuesday 26 February 2013

Tomato Soup [South Indian Style]

We make tomato soup in different ways, but this is my mom’s version. You can drink it as such or add it to rice and have it or it can be had with bread. This is a special soup in my family because it was my thattha’s (grandpa's) favorite. Check out my other  Rasam Varieties here...

Here’s how to make Tomato Soup with step by step photos...

Ragi/Millet/Kezhvaragu Dosai/Ragi Dosai Recipe

Ragi or Millet is commonly used in South India. It is in fact the staple diet in many villages in South India. The most popular dish is Ragi Kanji and Ragi Kuzh. Ragi is rich in calcium and serves as one of the healthiest breakfast.

Here ‘s one way to include ragi in your diet -  ragi dosa. It is very simple and easy to make. So just give it a shot. Here's I am proudly posting my 5oth post for a healthy and a happy living. Meanwhile do check out other interesting and healthy Breakfast Recipes here.

Monday 25 February 2013

Raspberry Pancake Recipe/Raspberry Pancake/How to make Raspberry Pancake with step by step photos/Easy Pancake Recipes

The first time, I had my pancake was in IHOP restaurant (USA). My husband took me to ihop the very next day I landed there. It is almost 10 years now and still, I cannot forget those wonderful moments. They had all kind of pancakes with different fruits and lots of other choices. I was leaning towards the strawberry pancakes. Here I have replaced it with raspberries. This was one among them…

Here's how to make Raspberry Pancake with step by step photos...

[ The butter started to melt as it was piping hot]

Peanut butter & Banana Pancake Recipe/Peanut Butter Pancake/Banana Pancake with Peanut Butter - Easy Pancake Recipes

Pancakes are easy and quick breakfast to make. This is one yummy breakfast that has nutty taste and banana in it. It is healthy, nutritious and a filling breakfast.

Simple & Quick Chicken Fry Recipe[South Indian]/Chicken Fry Recipe/Chicken Varuval Recipe/Chicken Fry recipe with step by step photos

Simple and Quick Chicken  fry, is very easy to make and a very spicy and yummy dish. Here’s how to make it. Also check out other interesting and mouthwatering Chicken Varuvals/Fry/Biryanis/Gravies etc hereMutton/goat Meat Recipes,Fish & Egg Recipes

Here's howt o make Chicken Fry with step by step photos...

Sunday 24 February 2013

Carrot Kheer(Payasam)

Carrot Kheer (payasam) is a light and healthy dessert. It is easy to make and can be done very fast, when you have unannounced guest. 

Carrot, Lemon & Ginger Soup

Here’s another healthy and spicy soup. It is “Carrot, Lemon and Ginger soup”, it has all the nutrient’s packed in it. You can have simple and healthy soup and bread dinner, which is both satisfying and delicious.