Tuesday 30 June 2015

Mango Lassi Recipe/Maambazham Lassi Recipe/Sweet Mango Lassi/How to make Mango Lassi

As the name says it all, without any further delay I am moving on to this refreshing, cooling and addictive Mango Lassi. Try out this Mango Lassi and enjoy. Meanwhile do not forget to check out other Mango Recipes here. Meanwhile also chcek out other interesting and tempting Lassi/Juice/Bevereages/Milkshakes/Smoothies here.

Here’s how to make Mango Lassi with step by step photos…

Monday 29 June 2015

Shahi Tukda/Shahi Tukra Recipe

Shahi Tukda/Tukra means royal dessert that can be made quickly and taste exotic. It one of the most sumptuous desserts made by frying the bread slices to golden brown colour and then soaking it in sugar syrup. The final touch of pouring the rabadi and garnishing with nuts & dried fruits makes it luscious , rich and royal. Enjoy this Shahi Tukra as dessert during this special month of Ramadan.

Here’s how to make Shahi Tukda with step by step photos…

Sunday 28 June 2015

Butter Chicken Recipe/Murgh Makhani/How to make Butter Chicken with step by step photos

Yes, today it’s Butter Chicken Recipe, the most famous North Indian dish found in all the restaurant menus. The perfectly cooked/baked chicken dunked in rich and creamy tomato gravy with just the right amount of Indian spices is  everybody’s favorite. This Butter Chicken is wonderful combo for naans & all kinds of rotis and is perfect dish for large gatherings and parties. Do try out this rich Butter Chicken Recipe and post your feedbackAlso check out other interesting and mouthwatering Chicken Varuvals/Fry/Biryanis/Gravies etc hereMutton/goat Meat Recipes,Fish & Egg Recipes

Here’s how to make Butter Chicken with step by step photos…

Instant Poondu Milagai Podi/Instant Garlic Milagai Podi – No Grinding [Side Dish for Idlis, Dosas & Uthappams]

Do not have time to prepare side dish for idlis and dosas ? Do you want to make it within minutes? Then you are at the right place, here’s an easy and quick Poondu Milagai Podi that can be made in minutes. This is my MOM’s special, we all just love it. The best part is, it involves no grinding and can be made with just 3 ingredients. I will strongly suggest this for bachelors because it is one of the easiest but tastiest milagai podi. And one more thing, you can prepare this and keep it for a week also at room temperature, it will not get spoilt. Do try out this easy and quick Poondu Milagai Podi, you will instantly fall in love with it. Do not forget to check out other chutney and podi varieties here.

Here’s how to make Instant Poondu Milagai Podi with step by step photos…

Thursday 25 June 2015

Mango Popsicle/Homemade Mango Popsicle/Kuchi Ice/ Ice Lolly

Today its Mango Popsicle, yet another mango delish for the Mango Recipe series. Kids love to have popsicles. Especially fresh, homemade, refreshing Mango popsicles are the best treat for the kids. These popsicles are super easy to make and are healthy too. Enjoy this refreshing mango popsicle and have a great day. Do not forget to check out other delightful and special Mango Recipes here.

Here’s how to make Mango Popsicle…

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Nellikkai Thokku/AruNellikkai Thokku/Amla Pickle/Gooseberry Pickle –TamilNadu Special

Aru Nellikkai is another variety of Gooseberry/Amla/Nellikkai, which is smaller in size and star shaped fruit. Nellikkai is called as Gooseberry in English and Amla in Hindi. We all know it is rich in Vitamin C, iron and helps in purifying the blood. They help in expelling the toxins from our body and improve the defence mechanism. Amla/Nellikkai in powdered form is a great remedy for hyper acidity and ulcer. Now coming to the recipe, today I am going to share Nellikkai Thokku, my mom’s recipe. We have AruNellikkai tree in our house which bore loads and loads of Nellikkai starting from the trunk to the top most part of the tree. We plucked lots of them and I made big batches of thokku and shared it with our relatives. This thokku tastes extraordinary and when paired with curd/yogurt rice it taste heavenly.

Here’s how to make Nellikkai Thokku with step by step photos…

Monday 22 June 2015

Raw Mango Rice /How to make Mango rice/Maangai Saadham

Yes friends, as I promised earlier here is another mango recipe in the mango recipe series. Now that we are getting bags and bags of mangoes from our back yard, we are distributing a lot of them to friends, relatives and neighbours. We plucked some raw tangy mangoes from the tree and made mango rice. This rice is one special kind of variety rice, as it is prepared in Seemandham/Vallikappu [Baby Shower] Ceremony in Tamil Nadu. I have already posted Thengai Sadham/Coconut Rice, Lemon Rice/Elumichai Sadam, Thakkali Sadam/Tomato Rice, Curd Rice/Bagalabath, Bisibelabath/Sambar Rice etc. Do not forget to check out Vallikappu/SeemandhamRice Varieties here.

Here’s how to make Raw Mango Rice with step by step photos…