Wednesday 28 February 2018

Beetroot, Carrot and Coconut Milk Smoothie – Powerful & Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

Today, I am going to share a very healthy and filling breakfast smoothie that will keep you going the whole morning. Do try out this healthy and power packed Smoothie for breakfast and post your comments here. Meanwhile do check out other interesting Juice Recipes here and Smoothies & Milkshakes here

Here’s how to make Beet,Carrot & Coconut Milk smoothie with photos…

Tuesday 27 February 2018

Vazhaipoo Kola Urundai Recipe/Banana Flower Fritters Recipe/How to make Vazhaipoo Kola Urundai with step by step photos

Today, I am going to share a very interesting, addictive and tempting Vazhai poo Kola urundai. Vahai poo/Banan flower kola urundai is an all time favorite of mine, can be had as evening snack/appetizer or as side dish for lunch or dinner. The most tedious part of making this kola urundai is cleaning the vazhai poo/banana flower. But by the time any one starts eating these kola urundai they will forget about the tedious job. Meanwhile do check out other interesting and tempting Vadai/appetizers in the link. Do try out this Vazhai poo kola urundai and post you comments here.

Here’s how to make Vazhai poo Kola Urundai with step by step photos…

ABC Juice/Apple Carrot Beetroot Juice/How to Make ABC Juice – A Miracle Drink

Apple, carrot and beetroot juice is also called as miracle drink because of innumerable benefits for our body, brain, skin etc. Fruits and vegetable juices are one of the best ways to get vitamins and minerals in our diet. This juice is a perfect detox drink that is very refreshing and keeps us energetic throughout the day. In human body toxin removal happens in four different ways, liver will remove fat soluble toxins, kidney will remove water soluble toxins, intestine will remove undigested toxins and skin will remove metabolic toxins.  ABC is  such a miracle drink that helps in flushing out all these toxins through these organs. Try out this miracle drink and have a wonderful and a healthy life. Meanwhile do checkout other interesting Juice Recipes here.

Here’s how to make ABC juice with photos…

Thursday 22 February 2018

Peanut Rice/Verkadalai Sadham/Easy Lunch Box Recipe –Peanut Rice/ வேர்கடலை சாதம்

Hello Friends,

Today, I am going to share a very flavorful, easy and quick Peanut Rice/ வேர்கடலை சாதம். This is one excellent lunch box recipe that can be made in jiffy and packed for lunch. So without much delay, I am moving on to the recipe, do try out this Peanut Rice and post your comments here. Meanwhile do check out other interesting Vegetarian Rice VarietiesNonVegetarian Rice varieties here.

Here’s how to make Peanut Rice with step by step photos…

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Carrot Rice/Simple Carrot Rice – Easy Lunch Box Recipe/Carrot Sadham

One tedious job is to pack lunch for kids, of which the best challenge is to make them an attractive meal both healthy and colorful. Another big challenge which all the moms face is to make them finish their lunch. Here’s one such recipe which is both colorful, nutritious and the best part is that you can make it in less than 15 minutes. This carrot rice is very simple and can be made with either freshly cooked rice or with left over rice as well. Do try out this healthy Carrot Rice recipe and post your comments here. Meanwhile do check out other interesting Vegetarian Rice Varieties, NonVegetarian Rice varieties here.

Here’s how to make Carrot Rice with step by step photos…

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Stuffed Potato Idli/Idli Stuffed With Potato/Stuffed Idli/Idli Sandwich/Stuffed Potato Idli Recipe

Idli is one of the staple foods in South Indian Breakfast. Though everybody loves to eat this healthy steam cooked idlis, a little variation in the recipe makes a whole lot difference. This is one such recipe which everyone will fall in love with immediately. This stuffed idli is one wonderful lunch box recipe which the kids will finish off completely. Meanwhile do check out Kambu Idli, Idli – South Indian Delight, Idli Fry, Kanchipuram idli, Oats idli in the links. Also check out other interesting breakfast and chutney/thogaiyal varieties here. Try out this super duper Stuffed Potato Idli and post your comments here.

Here’s how to make Stuffed Potato Idli with step by step photos…

Karpooravalli Kashayam -2 for Cold & Cough/Country Borage Leaf Kashayam – Excellent Home Remedy for Cold & Cough At Home

Karpooravalli Kashayam is an excellent home remedy for cold and cough. Kashayam is the term used in TamilNadu by our ancestors to treat cold, cough, fever, headache etc. I have already posted a different version of Karpooravalli Kashayam prepared with Thulasi andVetrialai, do check it out as well.  Kashayam is usually prepared by boiling water with herbs and boiled until the water reduces to certain extent. Do try out this kashayam and take it when you have cold & cough.

Here’s how to make Karpooravalli Kashayam with step by step photos…