Tuesday 20 February 2018

Karpooravalli Kashayam -2 for Cold & Cough/Country Borage Leaf Kashayam – Excellent Home Remedy for Cold & Cough At Home

Karpooravalli Kashayam is an excellent home remedy for cold and cough. Kashayam is the term used in TamilNadu by our ancestors to treat cold, cough, fever, headache etc. I have already posted a different version of Karpooravalli Kashayam prepared with Thulasi andVetrialai, do check it out as well.  Kashayam is usually prepared by boiling water with herbs and boiled until the water reduces to certain extent. Do try out this kashayam and take it when you have cold & cough.

Here’s how to make Karpooravalli Kashayam with step by step photos…


Karpooravalli Leaves
10 leaves
Coriander Seeds/Malli
1 tsp
Dry Ginger/Sukku Powder
1 tsp
Black Pepper/Milagu
Thippli/Pper Longum
Palm Candy/Panagkalkandu
As needed
2 cups
Preparation time: less than 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Serves: 2

Author: Priya Anandakumar


Add coriander seeds, dry ginger, black pepper, thippli to a mixer and grind it to coarse powder.

Heat 2 cups of water in a pan and add the karpooravalli leaves and let it come to boil.

Now add the crushed coarse powder to the water and let it boil really well.

Let it boil until the water reduces to 1 ½ cups.

Now add the palm candy and mix well, once it dissolves switch off the stove.

Strain the kasayam with a strainer and is ready to drink.

Yes, Karpooravalli Kasayam is ready to be enjoyed. Drink it when it is hot.

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  1. Hi! Thanks much for this. My husband was coughing for long time. Tried taking all tests, and evm took lot of antibiotics. But in vain. Today tried this kashayam, added thulasi leaves as well. Given twice so far , remarkable difference, cough has reduced. Thanks a lot for ur remedy. Pls continue writing

    1. Thank you so much for trying the kashayam and letting me know. My best wishes for your husbands speedy recovery. Thank you so much for your support, pls keep visiting Priyas virundhu for more recipes.


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