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Karpooravalli, Tulasi ,Vetrilai Kashayam for Cold & Cough/Country Borage, Basil & Betel Leaf Kashayam – Excellent Home Remedy For Cold & Cough At Home/கற்பூரவள்ளி, வெற்றிலை, துளசி கஷாயம்

Karpooravalli Kashayam is an excellent home remedy for cold and cough. Kashayam is the term used in Tamilnadu by our ancestors to treat cold, cough, fever, head ache etc. Kashayam is usually prepared with herbs at home. They are prepared by boiling water with herbs and boil it until the water reduces to certain extent. 
In this kashayam each of these leaves used have their own medicinal values and benefits. Karpooravalli Leaves are used to treat common cold, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, indigestion rheumatism and so on. Betel Leaves/Vetrilai is an excellent ailment for sore throat, improves digestion, anti inflammatory, helps in treating respiratory problems, relieves cough etc. Next is tulasi helps in relieving fever, improves respiratory disorders, great source of Vitamin  K, relieves head ache, is used in treating bronchitis, asthma etc. Tulasi is also called as “The Queen of Herbs” because it has numerous medicinal values and benefits. Having said all this, my simple advice to all my friends is to have all these three plants in your balcony or in your back yard, this actually means you have your doctor at your home.  I have these plants at home friends, so do try to plant them at your backyard as well.

Here’s how to make Karpooravalli Kashayam with step by step photos…


Karpooravalli Leaves/Country Borage Leaves
20-25 [one small handful]
Vetrilai /Betel Leaves
2 cups
1 inch piece
Black Pepper
Panang Kalkandu/Palm Sugar
2 tsp

Total Time: 10 minutes

Author: Priya Anandakumar

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Wash karpooravalli leaves, tulasi and vetrilai thoroughly with water and chop it roughly with knife.

Crush ginger and keep it aside. Similarly crush the pepper and keep it aside.

Heat about 2 cups of water in bowl.

When it comes to boil add karpooravalli leaves, tulasi , vetrilai, curshed ginger and let it boil.

Let it boil well until the water reduces to 1 ½ cups.

Finally add crushed black pepper powder, panang kalkandu/palm sugar, let it come to one boil and then switch off the stove.

Filter it with a sieve and enjoy it when it is hot.


If you do not get panang kalkandu in the place you stay, you can very well replace it with either jaggery or honey.

Adjust the amount of black pepper powder according to your taste.

Try out this excellent Karpooravalli Kasayam when you have cold and cough and enjoy the benefits.

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