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Modakam/Kozhukattai –Ganesha Chathurthi Recipes

Slokam for Lord Ganesha/Pillaiyar

Mooshika vaahana modhaka hastha
Chamara karna vilambitha suthra
Vamana rupa maheswara puthra
Vigna vinayaga padha namasthe.

He who has mouse as the vahana, he who always keeps Modhakam (a traditional sweet made from coconut, jaggery and rice flour and rolled in to balls), he who has ears that resemble a hand held fan, he who wears a chain like ornament around his waist., he who is short statured, he who is the son of Lord Shiva, Oh! Lord Vinayaka who is all the above and he who always anulls all impediments. We worship your Divine Feet. [Source:]

Ganesha/Pillaiyar  Chathurthi is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesha and this year it falls on Sep 9th 2013, on this special day let us all do special prayers and get the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Wishing all my loving readers and my loving friends “A Very Happy Vinayagar Chathurthi” from Priya’s Virundhu. May Lord Ganesha remove all obstacles and give happiness to each and every one of you and to the whole world.

Here’s how to make Modhakam with Coconut poornam with step by step photos…


1 cup
1 ¼ cup
Sesame oil
1 tsp
¼ tsp

For the Coconut Poornam

Coconut [Grated]
½ cup
¾ cup
Cardamom/Elachi powder
¼ tsp


To Make Coconut Poornam

In a kadai add coconut, jaggery and stir continuously in low flame.

It turns to a thick mixture in about 3-5 minutes. Add the elachi powder stir it well and switch off the stove.

Yummy coconut poornam is ready.

When the poornam gets cooled, make smalls balls and keep it aside.

Preparing the outer cover of the kozhukattai/Modhakam

Heat water, salt and sesame oil together. When the water starts to boil, add the  rice flour and stir continuously. Make sure no lumps are formed and  the flour gathers to a smooth dough. Switch off the stove.

Allow the dough to cool down for about 2-3 minutes. Knead the dough with your hands to make smooth dough.

Keep it covered with damp cloth until you are ready to make the kozhukattais.

When you are ready to make kozhukattais, grease your hands with oil and make small lemon sized balls with the dough.

With your fingers make a small cup out of it as shown in the photo.

Now place the poornam inside the cup. Make thin outer layer so that the modhakams will be soft and cooks faster. Close the cup to make the modakam. Make modakams/Kozhukattais with rest of the balls as shown in the photo.

 To make leaf shaped kozhukattais, place the puranam inside the cup and fold along the edges and seal it tight by pressing them.

Steam the modakams/kozhukattais in idli cooker for 10 min. Let it cool down for another 10 minutes, they will break when they are very hot.

Delicious and healthy kozhukattais are ready for neivedhyam.

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  1. தேனினும் இனிய வெல்லப்பூரண கொழுக்கட்டைகள்.

    படத்தில் பார்த்தாலே நாக்கில் ஜலம் ஊறுகிறது.

    பாராட்டுக்கள். வாழ்த்துகள்.

    இனிய பிள்ளையார் சதுர்த்தி நல்வாழ்த்துகள்.

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