Friday 20 September 2013

Potato Wedges - A Guest Post for Sapana

My dear friend Sapana  of Cooking With Sapana is a wonderful person and a versatile blogger. I love the way she cooks. With her step by step cooking she always makes us think all the dishes are very easy to cook. I really admire that she can cook all kinds of food from easy to something that is really tedious and hard. I love lot of her recipes but I would like to mention a few Baklava, kesar peda, chole bhature, eggless carrot and almondcake, tandoori paneer tikka and many more. 

Congrats Sapana on completing more than 300 recipes, hats off to you dear. Wish you many more successes in the coming years. I know it is not a easy thing to take care of family, job, blogging and managing everything at the same time, you are really a super girl. Keep going and my best wishes for you dear. I was really stuck with what to cook for you, but then decided to make Potato wedges, which is my kids favorite.

To view the recipe with step by step photos click here

 Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity dear, it is really an honor for me to do a guest post for a good friend like you. 

Potato wedges is my little girls favourite, she has been asking me for quite some time to make wedges but I kept postponing it. Potato wedges are called as jojo in United states, mojos is Western Canada and with different names in Germany, Russia, Sweden etc.  Potato wedges are super easy to make and a very simple dish and is a perfect accompaniment with any food. The potatoes are cut to wedges with the skin on and then baked in the oven or fried in a vat. You can add different flavours to it, but here I made a very simple and basic version of potato wedges.

Here’s how to make Potato wedges with step by step photos…

Baking Potatoes
600 gm
Black pepper powder
½ tsp [adjust to taste]
Sea salt[fine]/Salt
As needed
Olive oil
1 tbsp


Scrub and wash the potatoes really well to get rid of all the mud and dirt. Cut the potatoes to chunchy wedges as shown in the photo.

Boil water in a big pot with salt. Once it starts to bubble, slowly add the potato wedges and boil it for about 8 minutes and switch off the stove.

Drain the water completely and let it cool down for couple of minutes.

Add the salt, black pepper powder[freshly ground], olive oil  to the potatoes and toss it well so they are coated well in all the pieces.

Transfer the potato wedges to the baking tray or roasting pan in to one single layer.

Bake it in the top rack in the oven for 30 min or until they turn golden, crisp and cooked. 

Thank you very much guys for going through the recipe, so what are you waiting for enjoy this simple potato wedges with fried eggs, sandwich and some ketchup.

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Until  then I am signing off...


  1. Lovely guest post,potato wedges looks sooo yumm!!

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  5. Lovely guest post.. You have perfectly done dear.. Looks similar to store bought one..

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