Tuesday 26 November 2019

Vetrilai Sadam/Betel Leaves Rice with Poondu/Vetrilai Poondu Sadam – Kongunadu Vetrilai Sadam Recipe

Vetrilai Sada/Betel Leaves Sadam is a traditional Kongunadu [Coimbatore] Special variety rice, made using betel leaves and freshly prepared masala powder. This rice has a unique subtle taste, bursting with flavours, and extremely healthy and tasty. The use of betel leaves dates back to ancient times as far as India is concerned. They play vital role in poojas, prayers, religious ceremonies, wedding etc and consuming betel leves contain many curative and healing health benefits. The leaf is rich in Vitamin C, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, carotene and is a great source of calcium. It reduces inflammation, controls blood sugar, cures bleeding gums, eliminates bad breath and helps in increasing the metabolic rate. There are numerous benefits of vetrilai/betel leaves but I have mentioned only a few here. They can be easily grown in your home as they are both aromatic and ornamental creeper. Though we get vetrilai in all the shops easily, I have this wonderful creeper at home in my balcony, with which I have made this rice. Do try out this aromatic and healthy Vetrilai Sadam/Betel leaves Rice and post your comments here. Meanwhile do check other interesting and easy Rice Varieties/Biryanis/One pot meals/Pulavs etc here.

Here’s how to make Vetrilai Sadam/Betel Leaves Rice with step by step photos…


Cooked Rice [Raw rice or Seeraga Samba]
2 cups
Vetrilai/Betal Leaves
4 chopped
Garlic Cloves/Poondu
Split Urad Dal/Ullutham Paruppu
1 tsp
Fennel Seeds/Sombu
1 tsp
Cinnamon Sticks/Pattai
1 piece [2 inch]
1 tbsp
Curry Leaves/Karuvepilai
As needed

For Masala Powder [Dry Roast and Powder]

Black SesameSeeds/Karuppu Ellu
1 tsp
Black Pepper/Milagu
1 tsp
Dry Red Chilli/Kaindha Milagai
Dry Ginger Powder/Sukku Powder
½ tsp
Cumin Seeds/Jeeragam
1 tsp
Turmeric Powder **
½ tsp
** if using whole turmeric you can use one viral manjal
Preparation Time: 5-7 minutes                             Course: Lunch
Cooking Time: 15 -20 minutes                               Cuisine: Kongunadu/Coimbatore
Author: Priya Anandakumar


Betal Leaves Creeper/Vetrilai Kodi in my balcony

Cook the rice till just done and spread it on a plate to cool. [The cooked rice should not be mushy].

For dry roasting

For dry roasting and grinding, heat a kadai/pan, add dry red chillies, black sesame seeds, black pepper, cumin seeds and fry until the color changes a little and switch off the stove. Add dry ginger powder, turmeric powder and give a good stir and let everything cool down. 

Add everything to a mixer and grind it to coarse powder [It should not be too coarse or too fine powder].

Cut the ends of the betel leaf, remove the centre vein, if it is too thick and chop it roughly and keep it ready.

Heat ghee/oil in a kadai/pan, add cinnamon sticks, fennel seeds, urad dal and fry until nice aroma fills the room.

Now add the sliced garlic cloves and fry until it changes to light golden color.

Add the curry leaves and fry until it turns crispy.

Add the cooked rice and give a good stir.

Add the spice powder, little salt and give a good stir, until the masala is coated evenly.

Finally add the betel leaves/vetrilai and toss it well, cook for about 2-3 minutes and switch off the stove.

Delicious, healthy and subtle tasting Vetrilai Sadam is ready to be enjoyed. You can serve it as such or with a cup of yogurt/curd.

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