Thursday 17 September 2020

Ragi Dosa Recipe/FingerMillet Dosai Recipe/ராகி தோசை/கேழ்வரகு தோசை/Instant & Quick Dosai without Fermentation/How to make Ragi Dosai with step by step photos & Video in English & Tamil

Today, I am going to share a very healthy, tasty and delicious Ragi/Finger Millet Dosai/Kezhvaragu Dosai. Are you running out of ideas of what to make for breakfast, then you have landed in the right place. This dosai can be made instantly, does not require any fermentation and can be made in a jiffy and serve with any Chutney variety of your choice. Please check out the video for tamil recipe as well. Do try out this Ragi Dosai and post your comments here. Meanwhile do check out other interesting Dosai Recipes here, Ragi Recipes here, Millet Recipes and other healthy Breakfast Recipes here.

 Here’s how to make Ragi Dosai/ கேழ்வரகு தோசை with step by step photos and video


Ragi Flour/FingerMillet Flour

1 cup

Rice Flour

1 cup


½ cup


 1 finely chopped

Green Chillies

2 finely chopped


1 inch finely chopped

Black Pepper

1 tsp

Cumin Seeds

1 tsp

Cilantro/Coriander Leaves

2 tbsp finely chopped

Curry Leaves/Karuvepilai

10-12 finely chopped


As needed

Preparation Time: 10 minutes                        Recipe Category: Breakfast

Cooking Time: 20-25 minutes                         Recipe Cuisine: TamilNadu, India       

Author: Priya Anandakumar

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Here's a short video on how to make Ragi/Kezhvaragu Dosai...


Crush the black pepper and cumin seeds in mortar & pestle to a coarse powder and keep it aside.

Take a wide bowl, add 1 cup of ragi flour, 1 cup of rice flour, ½ cup of sooji/Rava, required salt.

 Mix everything really well until well combined.

Now add water little by little and make a thin batter without lumps. I added approximately about 4 cups of water, you can adjust the amount of water accordingly.

Add chopped onions, green chillies, ginger, crushed black pepper & cumin seeds, curry leaves and cilantro to the batter.

Mix everything really well until well combined.

Close it and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Open the lid and mix thoroughly, if the batter is thick, then add little water and adjust the consistency of the Dosa Batter. The batter should be thin as shown.

Heat the dosa tawa, when it is hot enough pour a ladle of batter from the sides of the tawa as shown in the video.

Drizzle oil along the edges of the dosa and let it cook on medium flame.

Slowly the edges will turn crisp, run the ladle along the edges of the dosa and flip it.

Let it cook on the other side also. Make sure it cooks evenly on both sides. Each dosa takes approximately 2-3 minutes to cook and to make it crispier.

When done, flip, fold and transfer it to a plate. Healthy, delicious and crispy Ragi Dosa/Kezhvaragu dosai is ready to be enjoyed. Serve it hot with any delicious chutney of your choice.

Thank you all for visiting my space, please come back again for more tempting, healthy and delicious Breakfast Recipes from my kitchen. Meanwhile do check out other interesting Dosai Recipes hereRagi Recipes hereMillet Recipes and other healthy Breakfast Recipes here.

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