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Cumin/Jeera/Seeragam - Health Benefits of Cumin/All About Cumin or Seeragam -Cuminnum cyminum

Cumin Seeds/Seeragam/Jeera

Scientific name: Cuminum cyminum

Common names: Cumin (English), Seeragam (Tamil), Jeera (Hindi)

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Cumin is a spice that is obtained from the seeds of the plant Cuminum cyminum, which is a member of the parsley family. India produces nearly 70% of the cumin in the world. Cumin is a drought- tolerant tropical crop with a growing season of 100-120 days; making it ideal to grow in Indian climate.

Cumin/Jeeragam is a spice cum herb, which is one of the most oldest and common spice in the Indian Cusine. Cumin is a versatile spice that has played a vital role in in the ancient Aurvedic treatments. They are known for their distinct flavour and aroma lending the food an earthy and a spicy taste. Cumin is mostly used either in its whole form or in its ground form. Cumin is used as a staple spice ingredient not only in Indian but also in other cuisines like  African, Mexican and Asian.

Cumin has a rich nutrient content. It has a good source of Vitamins A, C, B6 and E. It is also a great source of minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Riboflavin, Niacin, Phosphorous and Copper. In fact cumin has nearly 66.36mg of iron which is a high source of iron; according to studies, it could be used to treat anaemia as well. Cumin has effective properties like carminative [removes flatulence], aromatic, good for stomach, stimulative and astringent. Most of cumin’s benefits revolve around the digestive system and immune system. Let’s see what other benefits this interesting spice has in store …

Promotes Digestion

Cumin is of the most gut-friendly herbs. Cumin is known for its positive effects on the digestive system. It is used as a home remedy in treating indigestion.  It is believed to increase the production of digestive enzymes and bile, all which are essential for normal digestion. Cumin is a carminative i.e. relieves you from flatulence and thereby improving digestion and appetite. Presence of essential oils, sodium and magnesium can provide relief from stomach pain when taken with hot water.

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Weight loss

Cumin is helpful for people who wish to manage their body weight. A study revealed that including ground cumin in curd aided in weight loss as compared to consuming regular yoghurt. Cumin not only helps in losing weight quickly but it also influences the body’s fat profile in a positive way by reducing the levels of the harmful lipids (fats) in the blood.  Concentrated cumin has promoted weight loss. However low doses of cumin doesn’t seem to show any effect on weight loss.


 A study involving overweight women with obesity found that when 3g of cumin powder with yoghurt per day resulted in lower levels of total cholesterol.  Many studies have been conducted and it has shown that cumin can help for regulating blood cholesterol levels. It is known to reduce levels of LDL (Low density lipoprotein or ‘bad’ cholesterol) and triglycerides and increased levels of HDL (High density lipoprotein or ‘good’).

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Cumin is known to help with type 2 diabetes. Concentrated sources of cumin are known to reduce early indicators of diabetes. Routinely using cumin in everyday cooking helps to keep blood sugar on check. Cumin water can stimulate insulin production in the body, in turn keeping blood sugar levels in check.

May prevent food borne illness

Cumin could’ve been traditionally used in food due to its antimicrobial properties. It is known to reduce the growth of food-borne bacteria. On digesting, cumin release a compound called megalomicin which has antibiotic properties. Also studies have revealed that cumin can reduce drug resistance of certain bacteria, making it easier for our body to overcome it.

Fighting inflammation

Cumin contains certain plant- based compounds that can help to reduce inflammation. The active ingredients in cumin seeds have an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, thus reducing inflammation. The most common home remedy and Ayurvedic practices is to give Jeera concoction to fight common cold and flu. Jeeragam is usually boiled in water with a few mint leaves or tulsi to help control inflammation.

Rich source of Iron

One tablespoon of cumin is believed to have around 22mg of iron and is thus crucial in treating anaemia; a condition that arises due to low haemoglobin levels in the blood, resulting in low energy levels. Cumin contains riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and niacin which is useful in improving cognitive functions of brain.


Cumin has compounds in it like cumin aldehyde, thymol and phosphorus that help in detoxifying our body. Cumin water or commonly Jeera water is known to flush toxins from our body. It is known to help in bile production and helps in normal liver functioning.

 Anti-congestive agent

Cumin seeds are known for its ability to clear mucus hence preventing its accumulation. Due to its anti-congestive property, it can clear out the mucus in our airways, thus helping in conditions like asthma and bronchitis. Cumin is a good expectorant, due to its rich essential oils. So they are great remedy for cough, cold and bronchitis.

Healthy Skin

Cumin has Vitamin E which is good for our skin. It helps in keeping our skin light and moist giving it a youthful look. Its antioxidants help in making our skin look younger. It also prevents skin inflammation and skin infections due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It can soothe our skin and control the inflammation caused due to allergies. It has been observed that washing your face with cumin water can keep skin infections and acne at bay.

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Prevention of cancer

According to a study conducted in the Cancer Research Laboratory of the USA, due to cumin’s detoxifying capacity and its chemo preventive properties, the cumin aldehydes present in cumin can aid in stopping the growth of tumors, thus making it a possible cure for cancer. It also has characteristics that accelerate the production of detoxifying and anti-carcinogenic enzymes which can aid the prevention of colon cancer.

Better memory

Cumin has minerals like riboflavin, Vitamin B6, zeaxanthin and niacin which helps in proper functioning of our brain. Cumin also helps in promoting better mental health as cumin can nourish our brain cells.

Content Source: Netmeds, Wikipedia, organicfacts, healthline

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