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Masala vadai/Paruppu Vadai

A very yummy delicious masala vadai from my kitchen to your's. My kids love masala vadai, its crispy outside and crunchy inside.  Just give it a go, you will surely fall in love with this wonderful recipe. Do check out other Vadai Varieties here.

Here's how to make it with step by step photos...


Channa dhal                                 - 1 cup

Rice flour                                      - 1 tbsp
Red chillies                                   - 2
Fennel Seeds(sombu)                   - 1.5 tsp
Garlic                                          - 5 cloves chopped finely
Ginger                                         - 1/2 inch piece
Onion                                           - 1 big sized finely chopped
Coriander leaves                         - 3 tbsp finely chopped 
Curry leaves                                - 2 or 3 finely chopped 
Salt                                              - as required
Oil                                                - for frying


Wash and soak the channa dhal for two to three hours. Drain the water completely and keep it aside. 

Now grind channa dhal, fennel seeds, red chillies to a coarse mixture, make sure you don't make it in to a paste. You should be able to see the dhal here and there. Transfer it to a bowl.

Now add the onions,garlic,rice flour, coriander leaves, curry leaves, salt to the dhal and mix them together.

Do not add water, you can sprinkle some water when grinding the dhal if you think it is dry.  It will look crumbly but you will be able to make vada's easily. Then make lemon sized ball out of the mixture, pat them on your palm to form a circle to medium thickness.

Heat oil in a pan and deep fry them until golden brown. Yes, now yummy yummy masala vadai is ready to be served. 

Enjoy your pleasant evening with this yummy crunchy masala vadai with a hot cup of tea...

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  1. Hi Priya,

    I had tried masala vadai for evening snack following your recipe, was very delicious .Except that when I was trying to make the vadais by patting the mixture on my wet palm , some tend to break , I mean the exact size as yours was not achieved , was able to make smaller ones though .need your inputs as to why these vadais break when patting on the palm.

    1. Hi Reshma,
      Thanks a lot for trying so many of my recipes. One thing for your vadais to break is probably your batter is very crumbly, next time try to grind it little more and sprinkle some water.One more thing Reshma, masala vadai is suppose to be really small in size, so your good and remember about the batter I mentioned...


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