Friday 14 June 2013

Gobi 65/Cauliflower 65 Restaurant Style

Gobi 65/Cauliflower 65 is a perfect evening snacks for kids, my kids just finish the whole batch after they come back from school. Usually I don’t add these many ingredients to make Gobi 65, it used to be very simple just corn flour, chilli power and yogurt. But recently I came across Gobi 65 –restaurant style in Aval vikatan which was quite interesting. But I made a few alterations by adding rice flour, ginger & garlic paste, black pepper powder to add more taste to it. It was just fantastic bursting with flavors, so I thought I will share it with you all.

So here’s Gobi 65/Cauliflower 65 with step by step photos…


One medium size
Corn flour
½ cup
All purpose flour/Maida
½ cup
Rice flour
1 tbsp
Ginger and garlic paste
1 tsp
Red chilli powder
2 tsp
Garam masala powder
1 tsp
Black pepper powder
One dash
Lemon juice
2 tsp
Red food color(optional)
2 pinches
Curry leaves
As needed
For frying


Clean and cut the cauliflower in to small florets. Now boil water in a sacue pan, once it starts boiling switch off the stove. Add the florets and cover it for about 3 to 4 minutes. Drain the water completely and keep it aside.

In a big bowl add all the ingredients except oil and curry leaves. Add water slowly and mix it to bajji batter consistency.

Heat oil in kadai, dip the cauliflower florets in the batter and deep fry it in the oil until golden brown in medium flame. Finally fry the curry leaves and keep it aside.

Garnish cauliflower 65 with fried curry leaves and serve it hot with lemon wedges.

Yummy and delicious Cauliflower 65/Gobi 65 is ready…


Make sure the cauliflower florets are small.

I added rice flour to make it crispier; you can skip that if you don’t want it.

Ginger & garlic paste is also optional, even without it they taste great.

Be careful when you are adding water to make batter, if the batter becomes watery adjust it by adding little corn flour.

Thank you for visiting my blog, please come back again for yummy evening snacks/starters.
Until then I am signing off…


  1. very nice Priya, they look vibrant, and well explained detailed steps, i felt though u were missing any sauce in them, coz, without a sauce they would be just pakoda's don't u think so ?

    1. Thanks a lot Guru for the comments, I added lemon juice so the taste was perfectly balanced and did not need any sauce. Any way thanks a lot..

  2. when i saw chicken 65, was looking to replace that with gobi and now i found it, going to make it for sure. looks delicious. glad your kids eat this, mine won't. too picky.

  3. Well explained dear,feel like grabing some

  4. oh priya you have made it perfectly..this step by step pics are really helpful..hats off to your efforts:)

  5. These look so cute and crispy! Must taste wonderful! :)

  6. Looks so crispy n perfect...

  7. Pakoda looks so yummy and crispy :)

  8. looks amazing ! i feel like grabbing one ...nice clicks too !

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  10. Looks great, yummy!

    I follow your blog via GFC



  11. Love the vibrant colourful, crispy and yummy gobi 65..

  12.'s tempting Priya...I follow the same recipe, but I use soy sauce and yogurt additionally...

    1. Thanks Gayathri, next time I will add soy sauce and yogurt and give it a shot...

  13. Delicious and colorful , great as appetizer.

  14. My kind of crispy outer coating and sinking melting moments into the caulis. Looks so stunning and inviting.

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  16. wow delicious appetizer dear :) looks yummm

  17. thanks a lot for lovely comment on my blog.. i just followed you back...
    i love it.. i make mashroom 65 and mix veg 65, nd my fam loves it.. i'll try ur recipe neest tim...
    keep in touch.... :)

  18. Looks yum..mouth watering...
    Friends Kindly Participate !

  19. Looks very crisp & perfect Priya :)

  20. This looks perfect like restaurant style....wonderful and crispy

  21. I love gobi and my hubby hates it, whenever he is not around and travelling i make gobi to treat myself:)This time i will try this version. Thanks for linking @ my event :)

  22. One of my hubby's favorites. Though I'm not a big fan of Gobi, I still love to eat Gobi 65. This is just awesome dear.

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