Friday 23 August 2013

Rice Kanji – Special Kanji Made for Amman/Rice Kanji Recipe

Friends, I will not be in town for another 5 days, I am taking a short break, will be missing you all. Before going on break, I wanted to post my favourite and delicious “Rice Kanji” which I prepared for amman and sharing it with you all. Om Shakthi…

There are different types of rice kanji prepared in South India like the roasted rice kanji, rice kanji with vegetables, rice kanji made with brown rice and so on. But this is a very special “Rice Kanji – Prepared for Amman” as neivedhyam in Nagapattinam and nearby districts.  This rice kanji is prepared in large scale instead of kezhvaragu koozh and distributed to everyone after the special prayers are done to amman. Along with this kanji the other neivedhyams prepared for amman are paanagam, neermor, maavilagu, thullu maavu etc. Since my parents are from Nagapattinam and Thanjavore we follow the same tradition of preparing rice kanji during the month of Aadi and offer it to amman and do the special prayers. I had mentioned about this rice kanji in few of my earlier post, but it is time for me to post this recipe as well. I will very soon be posting other types of kanji in my future post. For now...

Here’s how to make Rice Kanji  with step by step photos…
Rice [Raw rice]
1 cup
Moong dal/Paccha paruppu/Pasi paruppu
½ cup
Grated coconut
½ cup
As needed
Preparation Time: 10 minutes                            Recipe Category: Breakfast/Lunch
Cooking Time: 20 minutes                                   Recipe Cuisine: Tamil Nadu
Author: Priya Anandakumar

Wash the rice and moong dal together at least three times and drain the water.

Cook it directly on stove or pressure cook it with salt by adding about 5 cups of water for three whistles.

After the steam releases, mash the rice and dal really good with a big ladle. Add another 2 – 3 cups of water to adjust the consistency of the kanji.

The kanji consistency should be thin. Finally add the grated coconut and stir it really well.

Super delicious “Rice Kanji” is ready for neivedhyam or for your lunch or dinner.

Thank you all for visiting my blog, please come back again for another traditional and authentic recipes of South India.

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  1. Delicious rice kanji Love it. As it is amman prasadam.

  2. ஆஹா,

    கெ ஞ் சி க்கேட்டாலும் கிடைக்காது இந்த அம்மன்
    க ஞ் சி.

    அருமையான கஞ்சி கொடுத்துள்ள வஞ்சிக்கு என் வாழ்த்துகள்.

    ’ஆறின கஞ்சி பழங்கஞ்சி’ன்னு ஒரு பழமொழி சொல்லுவார்கள்.

    ஆனால் உங்களுடையது சூடானது, சுவையானது, சுத்தமானது சுகாதாரமானது. பாராட்டுக்கள்.

  3. Great offering to god for all the blessings we need.

    Enjoy your break Priya and will catch up when you are back.

  4. Great traditional one Priya

  5. very very healthy porridge :) will be waiting for your recipes dear :)

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    Looks nice..

    Keep in touch,

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  11. Lovely recipe. We too make similarly..

  12. Enjoy your break !! Kanji looks comforting !

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    Looks yummy! :)
    Keep it up!

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  21. Wat a healthy kanji, nutritious and comforting.


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