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Sukku Coffee/Sukku Malli Kaapi/How to Make Sukku Malli Kaapi with step by step photos

Sukku Malli Kaapi/Sukku Kaapi is a very common and traditional kaapi/coffee prepared in most of the homes in Tamil Nadu. My mom always keeps a jar of Sukku Malli Kaapi Podi ready at home, and she gives it to us whenever we have cold or indigestion and also during rainy days. Sukku Malli Kaapi is an excellent home remedy for indigestion and also since we add jaggery it has both the spicy and the sweet taste. As jaggery is rich in iron, if sukku malli kappi is consumed regularly will help to fight against anemia. Sukku Malli Kaapi is a very comforting drink when we suffer from cold and flu, it also helps in relieving chest congestion. Do try out this Sukku Malli Kaapi and enjoy.

Here’s how to make Sukku Malli Kaapi with step by step photos…


Dry Ginger Powder/Sukku Powder
5 tbsp
Coriander Seeds/Malli/Dhaniya
5 tbsp
Cumin Seeds/Jeeragam
1 tbsp
Black Pepper Seeds/Milagu
1 tbsp


Dry Ginger Powder. I got the ginger powder available in shops, you can as well buy dry ginger/sukku, pound it well and then grind it in mixer.

Dry roast coriander seeds, cumin seeds, black pepper, cloves on a low flame until nice flavor fills the room. Transfer them to a plate and let it cool.

Now grind the roasted coriander seeds, cumin seeds, black pepper, cloves along with elachi/cardamom in a mixer.

Add dry ginger powder to the mixer. Grind everything together into smooth powder.

Yes, Sukku Malli Coffee Powder is ready. Transfer the ground powder to an airtight container.

Preparing Sukku Malli Coffee

Boil 2 cups of water in a sauce pan, add 2 tsp of sukku malli podi to it and let it boil really well for about 5 minutes in low flame.

Now add palm jaggery or panagkalkandu to this and boil for about a minute and switch off the stove.

Filter this in a tea stainer. Tada! Healthy and flavourful Sukku Malli Kaapi is ready to be enjoyed.

Enjoy this hot Sukku Malli Kaapi and have a great day.

Another way of preparing Sukku Malli Kaapi

Boil 2 cups of milk, add 2 tsp of sukku malli kaapi podi and let it boil for about 5 minutes in low flame, add panangkalkandu and boil for one more minute and switch  off the stove. Filter it with a tea strainer and enjoy the sukku malli kaapi.

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  1. sounds like a perfect beverage on a cold evening like this..


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