Wednesday 15 May 2013

Masala Tea/Masala Chai - Making of Masala spice mix for Tea

I love to drink tea and when it comes to masala tea, I love the blend of spices infused together with the tea leaves makes me drink more and totally irresistible. Tea is drunk in all parts of India, but made differently in each place. My husband does not drink tea or coffee, I was like that until before marriage. But after marriage things changed I started to fall in love with tea and coffee. My father in law prefers to have cardamom/elachi  & ginger tea but started to have this masala tea and likes it a lot. Our families evening is complete only if we all have a cup of delectable tea and have a chat. 

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Here's how to make masala tea with step by step photos...


This measurement is for making 2 cups of tea…

Tea dust/leaves
2 -3 tsp
½ cup
1 ½ cup
2 tsp adjust to taste
Cardamom pods/Elachi
Cinnamon stick
Black pepper crushed
Fresh ginger crushed
1 inch piece


Boil water in a sauce pan; add everything except tea leaves, milk and sugar. Let it boil for about 5-7 min or until all the essence of the spices comes out to the water.

Now add the milk, tea dust/leaves, sugar and let it boil until the milk color changes and all the flavors infuse together. Now switch off the stove and filter it with tea strainer in to the  cups and serve hot.

Delicious hot spicy masala tea is ready, enjoy with some tea biscuits.

How to make Spice Masala for Masala tea ????

Here's how to make spice masala for masala tea...

You can as well make the masala in the mixer and save in the bottle for later…
Here’s the recipe for the same

Masala for Tea/Chai


Black pepper
1 tbsp
Cinnamom sticks
6-7, 2” pieces
Ginger powder
1 tbsp

Dry roast the above ingredients except the ginger powder. Later blend everything together in the mixer and save it in airtight containers.

To make best flavored masala tea, add the spice mix to the boiling water. To make 2 cups of tea add ½ tsp of spice mix (ground masala) and make tea as described above.

Until then I am signing off…


  1. Wow!!! I could feel the flavors of chaai from here!! love it!!

  2. I just entered office and after seeing this spiced up tea, I had to get a cup of tea, but nothing like this one you made. Its just the ordinary tea bag one. I sort of know abut masala chai but never tried. I am now on the move to gather the ingredients, but again with time factor, it will be for the weekend.

  3. Nothing beats a hot cup of masala tea

  4. Can't start a day without a cup of Tea

  5. Lovely flavoured tea! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I am fan of cardamom tea with ginger. I will try this recipe..:)

  7. Healthy chai...My hus's fav am sure i ll try this...

  8. Wonderful and delicious masala chai Priya.. The flavour of cardamom is too good.. I love to drink this a lot especially in afternoons :-)

  9. I read your post and I really appreciate your experience. I will get good knowledge from there as well. Keep posting…
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  10. comfort and homey!!! so special this masala tea is... perfect for a rainy day!!! Thanks for sending this yummy recipe to my event.. Looking for more yummy recipes...

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