Friday 10 May 2013

Kaara Chutney Recipe/Rosapoo Chutney Recipe/Sambar Vengaya Chutney/Pearl Onion Chutney Recipe[Side dish for Idlis & Dosas]

This chutney is very special and quick chutney that can be made in minutes. You all must be surprised with the name “rosapoo” – yes that is how it is called in Nagapattinam. When I was a small kid, I used to think this chutney had rosapoo(rose) in it, very funny…

But my mom used to say, this chutney is made of sambar vengayam, red chillies and tamarind which give a beautiful color, from which it gets its name. This is my mom’s special recipe, she makes this is in ammi (grinding stone) it gives heavenly taste.  Check out other delectable chutneys here.  

Here’s how to make it with photos…


Sambar Vengayam/Pearl onions
Dry Red Chillies
6-8 (or add more to make it spicy)
1 small gooseberry size ball
As needed

To Temper

Mustard seeds
 ½ tsp
Cumin seeds
½ tsp
Curry leaves
Gingelly oil
4 tbsp
Total Time: Less than 15 minutes
Author: Priya Anandakumar


In the mixer blend the red chillies and tamarind together to make a fine paste. Now add the pearl onions, salt and blend them in the mixer.

Transfer the chutney to a bowl, add about 3 tbsp of oil and mix well.

In a kadai heat remaining oil, temper with ingredients mentioned and add it to the chutney.

Yummy, spicy, delicious chutney is ready to served with hot idli’s and dosa’s.

Since we use the mixer for grinding the red chillies they don’t grind easily, soak the red chillies in warm water for 10 min, drain the water and grind it in the mixer.

If you don’t have time to temper, than just add 4 tbsp of oil mix well and serve it.

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  1. this name reminded me of rosapoo song in suryavamsam :) yummy chutney..

  2. making dosa for diner so going to make this chutney with it. looks delicious.

  3. Heaven right there....mouth watering :-) i can imagine the flavours.

  4. I had posted this recipe earlier after seeing this recipe in a cook book ........ I like this chutney with dosa......... yummy

  5. no words of how tasty this would taste with yummy chutney i loveeeee

  6. Perfect side for dosas or idlis

  7. Hahahah!! I thought so too when I saw the name of the recipe. Than I woke up after reading your intro and the list of ingredients. Oh chutneys!! Give me a big bowl because I adore it so much including the plenty of shallots as per your recipe.

  8. அனைத்துச்சட்னிகளும் படத்தில் பார்த்தாலே காரசாரமாக ஜோராக உள்ளன. பாராட்டுக்கள். வாழ்த்துகள். பகிர்வுக்கு நன்றிகள்.

    “சட்னி இல்லாவிட்டால் பட்னி தான்” ;))))).

  9. Wow.. nice name.. I love this chutney.. I comaprtively use more shallots when compared to onions. .This is my all time favourite.. Love to have it with idli.. Please pass the bowl..

  10. Rosapoo chutney..must be good as its name...

  11. even I thought I would have rose flowers :) nice chutney !

  12. Hmm yummy chutney Priya... Thanks for sharing.

  13. first time i heard abt this rosapoo chutney name...,i will eat extra idlis with this spicy chutney!!

  14. perfect chutney ,very healthy too.

  15. Thank you all for the wonderful comments...

  16. very intersting name :) , even i thought it has rose petals

  17. The chutney sounds delightful.. Love it Priya :-)

  18. Nice name for the chutney. gingelly oil will always add great flavor. thanks fr linking.
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  19. interesting name for the chutney!!! looks so flavorful and so delicious.. Thanks for sending this yummy recipe to my event.. Looking for more yummy recipes...

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  20. i tried it today it was very tasty


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