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Paruppu Rasam/Thoor Dal Rasam/Thuvaram Paruppu Rasam/Dal Rasam

Rasam is one important addition to white rice in the South Indian Cuisine. No feast is complete without rasam. Rasam is basically a tamarind soup with all spices, this helps in digesting the food faster. There are different types of rasam, paruppu rasam is one among them with added proteins. Check out my other  Rasam Varieties here...


Thoor dhal
½ cup cooked
1 finely chopped
Garlic cloves
2 big ones crushed
Green chillies
3 slit
One small lemon sized ball
Turmeric powder
2 pinches
Coriander leaves
2 tsp finely chopped
As needed
1 tsp
Mustard seeds
¼ tsp
Fenugreek seeds
Just 10 seeds
Dry red Chillies
One pinch
Curry leaves
5 nos

For Rasam Powder

Black Peppercorns
½ tsp
Coriander seeds
½ tsp
Cumin seeds
1 tsp
Curry leaves


Soak the tamarind and get the extract and keep it aside. Grind the rasam powder and keep it aside.

In a pan heat oil add mustard seeds, wait until it splutters. Now add the cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, red chillies, asafoetida and curry leaves sauté for 20 to 30 sec.
Now add the tomatoes, green chillies, crushed garlic and sauté until the tomatoes are mushy.

Add the tamarind extract, salt and turmeric powder and let it boil really well. Now add cooked dhal, required water and the boil for 5 min. Add the rasam powder when it starts to boil, becomes frothy add the coriander leaves, close it immediately.

Yummy paruppu rasam is ready to be served. It can be served with white rice and pappadam or it can be had like a soup in a bowl.
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  1. I love paruppu rasam.. Nice step wise recipe with cool pics :)

  2. Lovely Priya, the same paruppu rasam is sitting on my dining table now!!

  3. My favorite rasam recipe :) looks so superb

  4. Yummy rasam. Easily going with rice.

  5. Thank you all for the wonderful comments, it is very encouraging.

  6. Love parippu rasam more than other versions! Your's look really delish Priya :)

  7. Thank you Vimitha and Priya Elias for the comments...

  8. Perfect with rice and pappadoms.

  9. Perfect south meal.. thanks for liking with SIC event

  10. Very nice recipe...Came out awesome. Thank u Priya Mam

    1. Thanks a lot Linda Dhasan for trying the recipe and letting me know, pls keep visiting Priyas Virundhu for more delicious recipes.


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