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Lassi Recipe/Sweet Lassi Recipe/Punjabi Sweet Lassi Recipe/How to make Sweet Lassi with step by step photos

Lassi is a traditional, authentic and delicious Punjabi beverage. One full glass of lassi is perfect one to beat the summer heat. This rich, creamy and sweetened drink is very popular and common beverage, served by street vendors in matkas [clay pots] in the Northern States of Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan etc. We can make salted, sweetened or masala lassi with yogurt/curd as the main ingredient. The key to make a good lassi is to use a very thick, cold, fresh and creamy yogurt/curd/Thayir. Do try out this super rich, creamy and tempting Sweet Lassi and post your comments here. Meanwhile do check out other Lassi’s/Juices/Icecreams/Smoothies/Milkshakes here.

Here’s how to make Sweet Lassi with step by step photos…

Yogurt/Curd/Thayir [Cold & Thick]
2 cups
Milk [Cold]
½ cup
3-4 tbsp
½  tsp
Thulasi Leaves
1-2 [for garnishing]
1-2 sliced [for garnishing]
Total Time: 5 minutes                                           Recipe Category: Beverage/Coolant
Author: Priya Anandakumar                             Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Garnishing can be done with almonds or thulasi it is totally optional

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Add the sugar to the blender and grind it to fine powder, keep it aside.

Add the home made yogurt to a wide bowl [make sure the yogurt is cold and thick].

Now it’s time to churn the yogurt/curd, you can whisk it using mathu or wire whisk or hand blender. You have to blend it until the yogurt is smooth.

Whisk really well until the yogurt has smooth texture. Add the ground sugar to the yogurt and whisk well until well combined.

At this stage, add cold milk and whisk more until it turns frothy.

Finally add cardamom powder/elachi powder, and give one final whisk.

Yes, delicious, rich, cool and tempting Sweet Lassi is ready to be enjoyed. Pour it in tall glasses, garnish with either thulasi leaves or with silvered almonds/badam and enjoy.

Curd, Milk/water should be cold.
I have used mathu, you can as well use hand blender or whisk to beat the yogurt.
This lassi will be rich, thick and creamy, if you want a thinner consistency you can replace milk with water.
I have uses home-made yogurt/curd made with thick milk [full cream milk].
Adjust the sugar level according to your family needs and taste buds.

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Other Lassi Varieties that might be of your interest…
AloeVera Lassi/Sotrukatralai Lassi

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