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Keerai Vadai [With Ulundhu] Recipe/Spinach Vadai with Urad Dal/Keerai Vadai with Urad Dal/Ullutham Paruppu Keerai Vadai Recipe

Keerai vadai is a very common snack in Southern India. This vadai can be made with different combination of dals, but here I was used urad dal. It is a perfect evening snack with hot piping tea or coffee. I have used spinach you can use any other greens that is available. This is totally irresistible keerai vadai and you can never stop eating them. Do check out other Vadai Varieties here  and  Starters/EveningSnacks/Appetizers here.

Here’s how to make Keerai Vadai with step by step photos…

Urad dhal/Ulundhu
1 cup
Rice Flour
1 – 2 tsp
One bunch
Big onion
1 finely chopped
Green chillies
2 or 3 finely chopped
½ inch piece finely chopped
Curry leaves
3 tbsp finely chopped
As needed
For frying vadai
Preparation Time: 25 minutes                            Recipe Cuisine: South Indian
Cooking Time: 25-30 minutes                              Recipe Category: Startes, Evening Snacks
Author: Priya Anandakumar 
Wash and soak the urad dhal for at least 4 to 5 hours. Now grind it in the grinder or mixer to a very fine paste. Don’t add water when grinding the dal, just sprinkle little water when needed. When grinding the dhal add the required salt, so that it will loosen up the dhal.

Clean the spinach, wash it really good and chop them finely.

Transfer the ground dhal to the bowl. Add rest of the ingredients except the oil and mix it really good.

Heat oil in a kadai, when it is ready make vadai as shown in the photo and fry them to golden brown evenly on both sides.

The urad dhal after grinding should never be watery.

If, by mistake the urad dhal has gone watery add some more rice flour and urad dhal flour to fix the mixture.

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  1. awesome priya.. I wish to have that entire plate... :)

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  9. Tempting keerai Vadai Priya

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